What is Switchboard?

Switchboard is a free service for Billings Pro to connect to Billings Pro Server and devices to connect to Touch Server remotely. The primary purpose of Switchboard is to communicate the IP address of the server machine to Billings Pro so that Billings Pro can easily connect to the server even if your server has a dynamic IP address that changes frequently. The same principle is used by Billings Pro Touch to connect to the Touch Server.

When you create a new Switchboard account, your server registers with Switchboard and communicates its IP address and ports. When you login to Billings Pro by entering the Switchboard credentials, Switchboard communicates the appropriate IP address of the server back to you. Billings Pro is now able to establish a connection with the server.

Switchboard eliminates many problems introduced by dynamic IP addresses. If there are networking issues, Switchboard helps to alleviate those issues by diagnosing and informing you about what is causing the failure for instance, the server may be unreachable as port mapping has failed.

Please note that that Switchboard does not store any of your data. It only keeps track of your server machine's IP address to help you to connect to your server even though your server's IP address has changed.

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