Network and Security Requirements for Daylite

Daylite Cloud

Daylite Cloud works on the majority of networks and won't require you to make any changes. Simply log into your account and start using Daylite Cloud.

Some network like hotels, restaurants schools or other public places may block a large number of port including those required for Daylite. This can also happen in an office network that requires strict security policies. If these ports are block you may not be able to sync, login or download some attachments.

For more assistance with this kind of issue contact the network administrator referencing this table:

Ports Purpose
2021, 4243, 11000 Login, Sync, Uploading and Downloading Files
443 Uploading and Download Files

*Networks must allow TLS traffic to connect to our servers

For information about Daylite Cloud users check out our Daylite Cloud Security page.

Note: If you have access to a VPN you may be able to connect through the VPN and bypass the security policies on your network

Daylite Self-Serve

In the Security & Privacy pane of your System Preferences, under Firewall, click Firewall Options and set the following processes to allow incoming connections for Daylite Server Admin.

  • DLAccessd: Responsible for authenticating clients (Desktop, iOS and DAV) with the database.
  • DLAttachmentd: Responsible for the upload/download of attachments to and from the database.
  • DLCardCald: The DAV server of the database that runs CardDAV and CalDAV.
  • DLConfigd: Responsible for starting/stopping the other processes and running the Daylite Server Admin app.
  • DLPortsd: Responsible for Automatic Port Forwarding to routers that support NAT-PNP or UPNP.
  • DLStaged: Responsible for the iOS Database creation on the server.
  • DLTouchd: Responsible for the upload/download of data between the database and the Daylite Touch clients.
  • postgres: The database backend responsible for processing changes to the database itself.

If some or none of the above processes are visible, perform the following steps to add them manually:

  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to the following location: Hardrive -> Library -> Application Support -> Daylite Server Admin.
  2. Hold the [Control] key and click on the "Daylite Server.bundle". Choose "Show Package Contents".
  3. From here, navigate to Contents -> Resources.

The processes that Daylite Server Admin require for the database to communicate locally / remotely will be listed here. Keep this window open and in the background. To add these processes to the Firewall, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to your Apple System Preferences. Choose Security & Privacy and then select "Firewall". Click on the lock, enter you Mac OS X password. Click on "Firewall Options...".
  2. In the next window, click on the "+" button.
  3. Now from the Finder window in the background, drag and drop the process to the Firewall Open window. This will change the location in the Firewall Open window to the processes list.
  4. From here, add the following processes
    • DLAccessd
    • DLAttachmentd
    • DLCardCald
    • DLConfigd
    • DLPortsd
    • DLStaged
    • DLTouchd
    • postgres (which is stored in this path:

      /Library/Application Support/DayliteServer 4/Daylite Server.bundle/Contents/Frameworks/MCDatabaseServer.framework/Versions/A/Resources/postgresql/bin

  5. Click "OK" to confirm the changes. Shut down and restart your computer for the firewall to take this settings.
  6. Launch Daylite Server Admin and confirm that it's switched 'ON's

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