What's new in Billings Pro 1.0.1?

Billings Pro 1.0.1


  • Added "Data List" window to the report engine. You can now see all the available data elements in one place.
  • Reworked the login panel.
  • Added menu item to display the last sync date and time from the File menu.
  • Added menu item that will wipe the offline data and bring back up the login panel.
  • Uninstaller now supports removing Billings Pro as well as Billings Pro Server Admin.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed date formatter issue. Dates entered should now respect your "international" settings.
  • Fixed issue allowing a deactivated worker being assigned to an estimate or working slip.
  • Fixed issue with goto arrows in certain views.
  • Fixed UI refresh issue related to approving a slip.
  • Fixed issue with uninstaller where the background sync would not be disabled appropriately.
  • Fixed issue related to splitting a table row in the report engine.
  • Fixed an issue causing long sync times for users with a large number of clients.
  • Fixed random crash when generating an estimate.
  • Fixed issue where invoice date and due date were not being saved in some situations.
  • Fixed issue with username and passwords having unicode characters.
  • Fixes to cards (slips & project)
  • Spell checker re-enabled
  • Added grammar checking
  • Added auto-correction
  • Added link, email, and date detection
  • Fixed issue where a new trial has expired window would appear every 5 minutes.
  • Fixed link to forums from Help menu.
  • Fixed UI issue where invoice dates were getting cut-off.
  • Fixed issue where workers without permission to use Billings Pro would get an inappropriate failure message.
  • Fixed issue where not dismissing the About splash screen in some situations would make Billings Pro unresponsive (seemed mostly with Spaces).
  • Report Engine fixes include:
  • Fixed issue preventing decimal hours from working in report engine.
  • Fixed issue preventing embedded images from showing in invoices, statements and estimates.
  • Changed selection behavior.
  • Using large knobs so they are easier to grasp.
  • Showing guideline to the edge of the canvas for all 4 sides.
  • Color coded drop zones so that you know if an object will flow with the page or stay stationary.
  • Color coded first selection so you know what the other selections will match too (i.e. match heights, match top).
  • When dragging an image from the Finder, the image goes to back automatically now (instead of staying at the top).
  • Decorations (the static stuff on a page) are automatically added when adding a master page.
  • The simulator now handles reports with user-input.
  • Now warns before deleting the body on a page.
  • Now prevents you from deleting the last page.
  • Now prevents you from dragging a table (or a group by) into a box that is not in a body.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents you from ordering master pages up and down.
  • Fixed a bug where internally shared images where not displayed in the editor.

Billings Pro Server Admin 1.0.1


  • Changed behavior for migrated databases workers are no longer deactivated, they are all now active but their access permissions are removed.
  • Checking that a Billings database is up to date before allowing it to be migrated to Billings Pro.
  • Billings Pro Server will no longer update the server's IP information to Switchboard once the trial has expired and no valid license has been entered.
  • Made "Never Updated" clickable to force an IP update with Switchboard on the Network tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Timecard not working issue on Chrome and Firefox.
  • Fixed issue causing BPSA from auto-launching after install.
  • Fixed issue where slips created on Billings Touch would not have a worker assigned after migration.
  • Fixed issue where certain image types were not being displayed when generating an invoice, estimate or statement.
  • Fixed issue where Switchboard would not be notified appropriately when logging in and out from the Network pane.
  • Fixed spelling mistake in backup setup panes (Everyday changed to Every day).
  • Fixed issue preventing some characters such as - being used for primary worker name during first run in Billings Pro Server Admin.
  • Fixed issue where adding a license would randomly (seemingly) activate workers that were not active because there weren't enough licenses for them when licensing the system during trial mode.
  • Fixed visual issues with Timecard on iPad.
  • Fixed a non-localized error message related to changing your password with Switchboard and then Billings Pro Server Admin getting authorization errors trying to update the IP address of the server.
  • Fixed issue with Timecard in IE8.
  • Fixed issue preventing a custom named Billings 3 database backup from being restored into Billings Pro Server Admin.
  • Fixed issue where offline wipe was not making it to the client on first sync.
  • Fixed issue causing Billings Pro Server Admin to find more than 1 server running locally when Back To My Mac is turned on.
  • Fixed issue where network errors would sometimes be blank.
  • Fixed issue with % entry in Timecard.
  • Fixed issue where entering text into Timecard with characters such as & or # would cause the text after the character to be lost.
  • Fixed issue where adding a slip in Timecard would not refresh the slip list.
  • Fixed issue where Timecard would not update its list of slips when a slip has been reassigned to another worker.
  • Fixed issue with Timecard and project states.
  • Fixed issue with using the enter key to login into Timecard in some browsers.
  • Fixed issue where Timecard would not realize a slip was marked as done in Billings Pro or Billings Pro Touch.

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