What's new in Billings Pro 1.5?

Billings Pro 1.5

Introducing Marketcircle Cloud

With this new service, we store and backup your data for you and you can sync your devices from anywhere. We take care of all the technical aspects while you manage your account online using a simple web interface. To get started, simple sign up for a Marketcircle Cloud account and avail the benefits.

Billings Pro

  • A sign-up assistant
  • Cloud preference pane
  • Sync changes:
  • User controlled background sync option
  • Changed the sync protocol from BPMirrord to Billings Pro Sync Helper
  • Mail support
  • Added support for Sparrow Mail, PostBox, and Outlook

Billings Pro Server Admin

  • Added a new migration assistant.
  • Changes to Switchboard account.
  • Migrating from self-serve to Cloud: This feature is complete but requires Billings Pro Server 1.5. If you wish to migrate from self-serve to Cloud, please contact our sales team by sending an email to info@marketcircle.com.

Bug Fixes

  • The previous version of Billings Pro Touch will not connect to the Cloud accounts. You must update to the latest build of Billings Pro Touch 1.5 which is compatible with the Cloud accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where a lost internet connection during account creation was causing Error 500.
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to activate users more than once via email.
  • Fixed an issue when adding a user via the account management site , no confirmation was given to you.
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to login too quickly after a wipe and logout was causing an error with the login process.
  • Fixed an issue where full users had admin privileges in the control panel.

Known Issues

  • The Password indicator is not very communicative about password issues. For reference, the password must be 6 characters or more.
  • The Company ID cannot start with a number.
  • Once you have migrated from the self-serve option to Cloud, there is no reverting back to self-serve.

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