What's new in Billings Pro 1.6.6?

Billings Pro 1.6.6

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice/Estimate/Statement preferences are saved from the last client when sending a document to a new client (save clicks!)
  • Improved messaging and handling of Cloud errors
  • Improved syncing to reduce load for each sync
  • Improved handling of local data when migrating between computers or restoring a backup from time machine
  • Clarified logout messages when there are pending changes that have not synchronized (asks the user to confirm twice in those cases)
  • Addresses a rare case where slips would get orphaned when creating a new invoice
  • Addresses a case where the first slip on an invoice with very long comments would get moved to the second page

Billings Pro Server 1.6.6

What's New

  • Improved Syncing to reduce load for each sync

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