What's new in Billings Pro 1.7 for iOS?

Billings Pro for iOS 1.7

New Features

  • A gear button has been added to the top of the invoice creation screen allowing you to edit the invoice style.
  • Added the ability to email support from within the app, sending a log file and information such as device type and iOS version.
  • Invoices now have a page number and count in their footer area.
  • Projects created from invoices on the fly are now marked as Completed
  • iPad invoice style choices will reset this release. The location where these style preferences are stored has been changed so that they sync across devices.

Bug Fixes

  • The "Log In" button in the advanced setup remote server pane now works.
  • The cancel button now works when importing identity details from the Contacts app.
  • Fixed an issue that would intermittently cause crashes during sync and saving items.
  • Fixed an issue where proper alert messages were not being displayed after failed sync attempts.
  • All Invoices, All Projects, All Clients, and Unfiled Slips cells on the home screen now support longer labels for different languages.
  • When searching in All Invoices, All Projects, and All Clients, if there are no results an empty state view that says "No Results" in shown.
  • The first run set up pane is now positioned properly on the screen after logging in/creating an account on an iPad that is in landscape orientation.
  • Increased the width of the project name label when in Portrait mode.
  • Changed the taxes screen during first run to say "Choose from Regional Taxes" and "Use These Taxes" instead of "Replace with Regional Taxes" and "Replace Taxes".
  • A "Company ID Not Found" alert is now presented when trying to log in with a companyID that does not exist.
  • When deleting a slip blueprint on the iPhone, the cancel button should now be visible.
  • Tax column for slips on invoices created on the iPad now show the percentage instead of the dollar amount.

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