What's new in Billings Pro 1.9 for iOS?

Billings Pro 1.9 for iOS

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  • Adds Billings Pro for Apple Watch


Billings for Apple Watch is a Watch App and a Glance.

The Watch App gives you a list of your active timers. This is the same list you see on iOS when you are looking at the Timer tab (iPhone) or Timer popover (iPad). Tapping a timer will navigate you to the timer screen. There, you can start or stop the timer. Using Force Touch (pressing firmly) on the timer screen will bring up a menu with a "Done Timing" button. This button does the same thing as the "Done Timing" button on iOS. Back at the bottom of the list of timers, there is a button called "New Timer". Pressing it lets you pick an active project to make the new Timed Slip in. You can also pick Unfiled as the project.

The Glance lets you see if you are actively timing. Tapping the glance will bring you to the corresponding place in the Watch App (the particular timer if you are timing, or the timer list if you are not).

At any point when using the Watch App, you can switch to your iPhone. Just unlock your iPhone using Handoff (the Billings icon that appears in the bottom left corner of the lock screen) and Billings will pick up where you left off on your watch.

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