What's new in Daylite 4.0.4 for iOS?

Daylite for iOS 4.0.4


  • Updated localization for French and German versions of the app.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the search results provided in the contact list when searching using a space between the first and last names, so results now match both parts of the name.
  • Fixed an issue preventing very large Touch databases from being downloaded.
  • The All Tasks badge count on projects and opportunities detail panes no longer include done tasks.
  • Tasks on the Home screen are now sorted by due date, with the most recent tasks at the top.
  • Fixed a refresh issue with the day summary list on iPhone.
  • Fixed a bug where new information added to contacts on the iPad would not show until after the contact was saved.
  • Fixed an issue where the contact, project, or opportunity list would not dismiss after linking to an appointment in week view on iPad.
  • Fixed a UI bug which allowed you to change the permissions field when the database had permissions turned off.
  • Re-added the ability the import contacts from ScanBizCards on iPads that have cameras.
  • Fixed general app crashes.
  • Fixed multiple bugs associated with pipelines.

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