What's new in Daylite 4.1?

Daylite 4.1

New Features

Daylite Search has been significantly extended and improved with the following:

  • It now searches Notes, Emails and Forms. Further, it searches all major fields, including details, addresses, custom fields and more.
  • The search popover now displays secondary information which shows how an object matched the search criteria.
  • If the search returns more results than what can be displayed, you can click the "more" button to see additional results. If you still cannot see the object in question, you can click the "Show all results in list" button to display them in the main window list view. Within the main window list view, you can apply further filtering using the filtering popover (magnifying glass).
  • You can specify multiple words separated by spaces in the search field to perform compound searches. This new depth of searching extends to linking popovers throughout the application as well.
  • You can use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate the search popover and in addition specify a global hot key in the General preferences to access the search while in any other application.
  • The search keyboard shortcut has been changed to Command- Option-F to make it more consistent with other apps and accessible from anywhere within the app.

Filtering has been improved with the following:

  • Added the option to filter by "Items matching text" giving the same in depth searching capabilities as search but narrowed to a single object type.
  • Added the option to filter by Job Title and Department.
  • Added the option to filter by Details of a Group.
  • Added the option to filter by Ticker Symbol of a Company.
  • Added the option to filter by CC and BCC field of an Email.
  • Added the option to filter by Email/URL/IM Label and Type.
  • Added option to filter by Details for Objectives.
  • Added option to filter by "Relationship to Me" for People.

Calendar functionality has been significantly updated with the following:

  • You now have the option to publish your Daylite calendar as one calendar or as separate calendars based on the category. This option is set in the Calendar Sharing preference pane.
  • You can print calendars by specifying page size, date range, font size, mini calendar and legend. Use Command-P or File -> Print.
  • You can now specify whether to start the calendar on the first day of the week (respecting the first day setting in System Preferences) or looking forward from yesterday onwards.
  • Added ability to set a specific user or resource as the default invitee for new appointments through the Default Values Preference pane. This makes it easier to manage the calendar of non-users.
  • Appointments organized by an external invite can now be partially edited.
  • Added ability to resend an external meeting invitation.
  • Improved the handling of external meeting invitations giving you more control of when email invitations are sent out and DMA no longer processes the received invitation until the user clicks the Accept or Decline buttons.
  • "Collapse weekends" setting in the General Preferences is now set on a per-user basis.

Printing has been improved with the following:

  • Added configurable options for labels in Person, Company, Project, Opportunity and Group areas.
  • Added configurable options for envelopes in Person and Company areas.
  • Added configurable options for multi-column lists in all areas where multi-column mode is available.
  • The configurable options include the ability to change the printer, paper size, orientation and font size.
  • For multi-column lists, you can specify whether column sizing respects the column widths in the view, are proportional or if they are equally spaced. You can also specify whether the background row color is derived from the category on the object, alternate row color or no background row color. Further, you can specify if you want vertical or horizontal grid lines.
  • Numerical columns are automatically summed at the bottom for multi-column lists.
  • Configurations are remembered by object type and can be saved as individual templates.
  • Forms can now be printed on an individual per page basis.
  • Added print previous estimates when viewing them.

Added Billings Pro Integration. This requires Billings Pro 1.6. Billings integration is forthcoming. Implemented functionality includes:

  • Add person or company from Daylite.
  • Add linked projects and/or opportunities, including linked tasks and appointments.
  • Update project or opportunity from Daylite.
  • From Daylite, send a task and/or appointment to Billings Pro.

Added Interactive and Drill Down reports:

  • Developers/Web Designers/Partners (not the end user) can now create very rich interactive reports using HTML 5, CCS, Javascript, SVG and FScript. Raphael ,gRaphael, jquery, and ico libraries are included but you can include others such as Google Charts & or your own.
  • Inline FScript is used to extract data from Daylite and JSON is used to transfer that data into the Javascript environment.
  • Reports can have multiple pages. Users can navigate from page to page using hyperlinks with arguments. Hyperlinks can also be used to go to specific objects within Daylite.
  • The same system can be used for print layouts, however no new print layouts are included in this release.
  • Documentation will be released about the same time as the app is released.

New reports:

  • Counts. Revamped to use the new system with drill down page that shows creation line chart for the last 30 days.
  • Opportunity vs Contact Creation. Line chart that allows you to compare creation pattern of opportunity vs people vs companies.
  • Companies by top 10 categories. Shows a piechart of top 10 categories. Counts lead to a drill down page with matching companies listed.
  • People by top 10 categories. Similar to the previous report.
  • Keywords by top 5 keywords. Allows you to compare keywords that have been configured for both Persons and Companies in a grouped bar chart format.

Other important improvements include:

  • Added ability to create a new task through a global hotkey which you can specify in the General preferences. If you are preforming this while in another application, only the minimized task entry window appears in front leaving Daylite in the background and out of the way. You can expand the minimized window to show all fields. The expanded state is remembered.
  • Added a popover to allow editing of all fields in a line item, not just the ones that appear in the line items table.
  • The option to dismiss all non-invitation alerts now appears at the bottom of the notification list when more than two items are shown.
  • Added additional fields that can be edited in the Project and Opportunity Bulk Edit window.
  • Added the ability to remove Due Date of Tasks through the Bulk Edit window.
  • "Add Keyword" contextual menu item is now available for Groups, Tasks, Appointments, Notes and Emails.
  • Showing that a sync is in progress in the File menu, the sync menu item name changes to "Syncing."
  • Daylite now properly responds to local storage delete and wipe commands from the server.
  • Added ability to set no due date for task items in Activity Set and Pipeline preference panes.
  • Added columns for details and keywords where applicable.
  • User defined tax names now appear in the header section of the Estimate table.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some notifications would have their title clipped incorrectly.
  • The user is now prompted about an unresolvable sync state upon login.
  • Fixed refresh issue when linking/unlinking an objective or stage on a task.
  • Tabbing to a multi-line field in the edit cards now places your cursor at the end of the text rather than selecting all the text.
  • "Add Keyword" destination now works when importing Opportunities through the Delimited Text Importer.
  • User is warned when "Visual Basic for Applications" is not installed while doing an external merge with a Microsoft product.
  • Fixed potential crash when adding an attachment as a copy.
  • Fixed an issue where the rightNow merge keys for External Applications was not working.
  • Added date format conveniences that existed in the previous Daylite version for merging.
  • Users are now restricted from being able to create multiple Letter Templates with the same name.
  • Added date formatting to "Next Pending Task Due Date" and "Next Pending Task Start Date" columns in the multicolumn view.
  • Updated report f-script examples for Daylite 4.x use.
  • Fixed an issue with how Combine Contacts deals with the contact's image.
  • Subtasks that are due today now appear in the Due section of the Worklist.
  • Fixed an issue with re-associating a user's person record.
  • Empty / placeholder rows are no longer selectable. - View -> Calendar -> Next/Previous menu items are no longer greyed out if the calendar is showing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash when double clicking in the list view on placeholder rows.
  • Fixed a crash when setting a reverse relationship to a contact.
  • Fixed an issue where skip days might not be properly respected when creating activity sets.
  • Fixed a crash when importing or creating appointments with really old dates.
  • Fixed deleting states and types in the Opportunity preference pane.
  • Fixed an issue where the correct prompt would not appear when trying to remove a task from a plain list.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting from lists when multiple Daylite windows are open.
  • Logging into a database with an incorrect username no longer gives you a "user deactivated" alert.
  • Multicolumn column option menu displays custom labels for Extra Fields.
  • Fixed an issue with Skype dialing when a phone number was used.
  • Fixed a crash when editing appointments in the Activity Set or Pipeline Preference panes.
  • Improved the responsiveness when editing or creating new tasks from the List view.
  • Applicable Taxes section of Product and Services now displays the tax names instead of Tax1/Tax2. - Deselecting all rows of a Home screen widget now correctly updates the detail pane.
  • Deleting roles and relationships gives the user the option to replace it with "none."
  • The template description now displays when selecting a merge template in the merge sheet.
  • Appointments in week view now render correctly even if the week contains a Daylight Savings Time transition.
  • Added error dialogues when one or more contacts do not have an email address when doing a letter merge.
  • Fixed sorting in Forms multi column view.
  • Delete key now works for deleting line items.
  • Confirmation prompt now appears when deleting line items.
  • Added a column for the Estimate number in the Past Estimates table for an Opportunity.
  • Extra fields that don't exist for product/services have been removed from the Custom Fields preference pane.
  • Fixed an issue where switching between list and multi-column modes was not being remembered if done via the View menu items.
  • Past estimates can now be deleted.
  • Fixed entry of accented characters in edit cards.
  • Fixed issue with showing an object from the Notification popover while in the Full Screen Mode.
  • Custom Field names are used in the filter criteria.
  • Selection now jumps to the next item in the list when an object is deleted from a list instead of jumping to the top.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonjour servers were not being refreshed in the login panel after logging out of a database.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a new report for the General area.
  • Improved performance of the app when editing appointments.
  • Fixed issues with merging Apple Pages/Numbers/Keynote documents.
  • Fixed issue with some whitespace characters being stripped when merging with Apple Pages/Numbers/Keynote.
  • Fixed issue where some snooze reminders may not fire at the correct time.
  • Fixed previewing reports with "/" characters in the report's name.
  • Sorting is now saved properly in the multi-column calendar list view.
  • Exporting calendar data through the multi column view no longer fails to save to file if there is a file extension specified in the filename.
  • People single column sort always has a secondary sort in which first and last name sorts are applied.
  • Fixed crash when viewing an Email/Note that was not owned by a user.
  • Bulk edit now respects permissions.
  • Fixed the standard print layout for Groups.
  • Tasks now remember their expanded state when creating/editing in lists.
  • Fixed issue where subtasks would be incorrectly ordered after adding a new subtask.
  • Completed tasks are now separated from other tasks in progress view.
  • Fixed a crash when double clicking to create an appointment in week or day view.
  • The Estimate "Valid until" date picker no longer initially shows a date from the past.
  • Setting the "Valid until" date or Comment field on an Estimate updates the preview appropriately.
  • When editing a task, if you open the secondary fields area, the first field in that area is now automatically selected.
  • Tabbing now works from the date field to the button below while editing a task in a list.
  • Calendar filter criteria are now cleared when showing an object from another location, such as Search.
  • Focus is now automatically put in the content view after a new sidebar item is selected.
  • Linking an existing company to a new person will cause that company to be added to the sync list if the user has the "Automatically add to Shared List" preference turned on for Companies.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration formats could start formatting durations as days/hours even if they are under a day.
  • User and teams appearing in the custom permissions interface are now sorted separately and alphabetically.
  • Improved filtering on Name of a Person or Company.
  • Expanded states for parent tasks are now saved and restored automatically.
  • When Daylite is left running past midnight or the system time/timezone changes, the Home screen widget updates to display the current new day.
  • When Daylite is left running past midnight, the highlighted "Today" cell in the Calendar is updated.
  • When the current user is removed from the invitee list for a new appointment, it no longer comes back after being saved.
  • Control-click now brings up a contextual menu for tokens in the detail cards.
  • Labels are split from their data value when exporting from the Multi column view.
  • Fixed a crash when typing into non-editable fields in an edit card.
  • The Label Preference pane prevents the user from deleting a label when it is the last one of its type.
  • When deleting an appointment with an external meeting invite, the user is given a choice on sending an update email to the organizer.
  • Fixed an issue where the recent connection wasn't showing up in the login panel after a login / logout.
  • Fixed issue where a newly added task would be in the incorrect sort order in various lists.
  • Users are now warned that importing Tasks is not currently supported when importing an ICS file.
  • Fixed the calendar sometimes showing a different interval then it was last showing before you navigated away from it.
  • Improved the behavior when importing people vCards with company data and the company already exists.
  • Fixed an issue where the delete button in the preferences could trigger a delete instead in the main app window.
  • Drag images are now drawn with a badge to indicate the number of items being dragged.
  • Clicking "More" on a reminder for a repeating appointment occurrence wasn't selecting the appointment.
  • Fixed case where Mail (DMA) may not recognize a contact's name/address when sending an email from Daylite.
  • Changed the sorting of All Tasks list to show recent items at the top.
  • Fixed an issue where certain linked objects would not display in the appointment activity view.
  • After adding a license to the server, remote clients now automatically detect this on login and no longer display a trial expired error.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when exporting a contact to vCard due to blank labels.
  • The "Applies to" checkboxes are disabled when "Active" checkbox is unchecked in the Category and Keywords Preference pane.
  • Fixed an issue where Permissions would get turned OFF in the application.
  • Fixed a crash which prevented users from importing Opportunities through the Delimited Data Importer.

Daylite Mail Assistant 4.1

New Features

  • Now works with Exchange accounts.
  • Added option to perform auto-link when viewing emails.
  • Added option for attachments to be added when auto-linking.
  • Added ability to toggle the DMA panel [View menu in Mail OR Control + Command + Z].

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the DMA Preferences would not appear when Mail was quit with its preference window open.
  • Fixed issue where suggested objectives were not always cleared between emails.
  • Performance and stability enhancements.
  • Fields will properly populate in a compose window when a database connection becomes available.
  • Fixed an issue where some Mail options would be hidden when the DMA panel was visible.
  • Fixed issue with permissions not being set properly for recorded messages.
  • Objects are now moved out of the "Suggested" section when they get auto-linked.
  • Fixed issue when removing attachments while composing an email.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when sending out external meeting invitations/responses.
  • Improved handling of external meeting invites - they are no longer added in Daylite unless acted upon.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Show in Daylite" button may not work for EMI (External Meeting Invite) emails.
  • Fixed an issue where the DMA pane would become blank.
  • "Add Files" for a new task created from DMA now works.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking some tokens would not properly update their linked state or continue to remain under "Suggested".

Daylite Server Admin 4.1

New Features

  • Added support for Tasks through the "Reminders" app in iOS and on Mountain Lion. This feature is automatically turned on when you enable calendar sharing via CalDAV. You can add to and edit your inbox and worklist. You cannot manage or add other lists. You should continue to manage your tasks in Daylite on Mac or iOS. Use this feature for quick access and quick entry.
  • Can now wipe delete a local storage through the Database pane.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where DAV would create a duplicate record when processing a record containing a foreign attribute.
  • Fixed issue where users with accents or other special characters were unable to log into Daylite for iOS.
  • Fixed "Go Back" button during Migration in the Setup Assistant from showing a blank screen.
  • Fixed a DAV issue where multiple lines of text were joined together.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some Touch clients to re-download their database multiple times due to a change in their Contact Sharing settings.
  • Fixed an issue where DAV would fail with OS X 10.8 calendar after setting up the CalDAV account.
  • Commas's within a record do not insert a backslash when processed with DAV.
  • Permissions in a multi-user environment are now respected through DAV.
  • Fixed an issue where editing an appointment through a CalDAV client would lose the category field in Daylite 4.
  • "Cancel" from the "Migrate from Daylite 3" assistant invoked from the Databases tab works correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a group in Address Book would cause an unnamed contact to appear.
  • Fixed an issue where the vCard cache grows incessantly. We no longer use this kind of cache.
  • Fixed issue entering licenses for users with a regional calendar set to something other than Gregorian.

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