What's new in Daylite 4.1.2?

Daylite 4.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare crash on launch
  • Appointments from a CalDAV subscription now include location and description fields
  • Clicking in an empty section of the top area of the graphical date pickers no longer dismiss the date picker
  • The User & Teams preference pane no longer accepts empty or duplicate team names
  • Tasks are now filtered by name in the Calendar views when performing a search
  • Shared smart lists now initially appear to others as the owners have configured them
  • Showing relative (yesterday, today, tomorrow) strings and improved formats in the appointment list view for start and end dates
  • Letter merge settings are remembered for the next time the user wants to do a merge
  • Detail panes appearing on list views now maintain the specified width
  • External merges can be performed directly from an objective
  • Optimized the Notification Popover when performing an action for a long list of alerts
  • Items which are not active will no longer appear in the Next Seven Days home screen widget
  • The Next Seven Days home screen widget now updates live to reflect changes
  • Calendars that showed tasks now print tasks with one checkbox instead of two
  • Fixed creation of person when importing a vCard marked as a Company
  • Currency values properly export instead of being blank when using the multi column selection exporting feature
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you had an item in the favorites bar with no name
  • Newly created smart lists now retain the column layout of the originating list
  • The correct date format is applied when adding a date column to the multi-column view
  • Fixed an issue where adding line items to a new opportunity was not updating the total amount on the opportunity
  • Text fields in the 'Edit Cards' preference pane are no longer editable
  • Duration for Appointments in print layouts display the correct value instead of "00:00"
  • Fixed issue where duplicated 'Completed…' lines might show after removing a filter in the Objective Progress view
  • Objectives are no longer displayed in the calendar when a filter is deleted if they were not displayed before
  • Fixed an issue where importing some appointments with external meeting invites from an ICS file could trigger an email send on import
  • New fields added to a Form in the Form Preferences are now respected and updated in existing form records
  • Merge menu items are disabled when the selected objectives do not have linked contacts
  • Quick Task Entry Window can now be shown overtop a fullscreen window
  • Fixed the Copy Phones/Addresses contextual menu item action
  • Fixed a bug where a Pages merge document would display the pre-merge document image
  • External merge sheet is dismissed when the merge with an external application is complete
  • Meeting invites are no longer deleted in the case where a meeting is created and then the time changed afterwards before the invitees get the notification
  • Fixed a crash when adding invitees if there is a user in the database whose associate person permission is marked as Private
  • All teams now show up in the list of users and teams when setting up permission presets
  • Fixed the 'Go to Selection' contextual menu item
  • Fixed placement of the clear button on the start date when changing pipeline stages
  • Removed the clear button from the date control in the Note and Email view as a date is required
  • Fixed auto-scrolling in task edit panes
  • Clicking in the gutter of a slide over now dismissed the slide over on Retina Displays
  • Fixed issue where a task was not removed from the Worklist when marked completed by way of status or completion data change
  • Fixed issue causing crash after editing a contact's relationship to another contact
  • Fixed an issue where the month view was jumping back by a month when a calendar view was restored and the "Show week and month" setting was set to "starting on the first day"
  • Accented characters in an Opportunity name are made non-accented in the filename for any Estimate PDFs
  • Fixed an issue where bulk editing companies could remove the associated Type, Region and/or Industry

Daylite Mail Assistant 4.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Added ability to set a new task to the worklist
  • Fixed issue where tokens for attachments and keywords were not updated when an email was unlinked
  • Fixed issue where a linked email would not get linked to the contact's default company
  • Fixed issue where items now always go back to the 'Suggested' section when unlinking an email
  • Fixed an issue where the DMA pane would be unresponsive in an outbound email when the selection focus was in the Subject field

Daylite Server Admin 4.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • CalDAV correctly marks the status of the task in Daylite when the To-do is completed in Reminders
  • Category calendars are properly created for CalDAV if their name contains special characters
  • Fixed a case where certain repeating appointments were not syncing to CalDAV
  • Now works with CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync Android apps from the Google Play store
  • Daylite calendar (1 calendar) color for CalDAV is respected when changed
  • Fixed an issue where editing an IMPP address would case a duplicate entry
  • Fixed an issue where usernames with accented characters would fail during authentication when setting DAV

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