What's new in Daylite 4.2?

Daylite 4.2

New Features

New Sync Indicator

  • Not only has the sync engine been improved, we've also added a Sync Indicator. It is located in the top right hand corner of the Daylite window, just beside the full screen button. Similar to Mail app, the indicator will not be visible if everything is working as expected, however if an issue is detected, you will see the connection lightening bolt icon. Clicking on that icon will produce a popover with relevant information regarding the issue. The sync icon also has the ability to turn red with an exclamation mark when a more serious issue is detected. Based on the issue you receive, you will notice a link to a support article in the popover.

Duplicate Checker

  • You can now find duplicate people and companies using the Edit -> Find Duplicate Contacts menu item
  • You can specify a master record and them combine multiple records into the master. We try our best to move the data into the appropriate places. If there is a conflict or an unknown situation, a note describing the issue will be added to the selected master record.

German and French Localization

  • You can now run Daylite, DMA and Daylite Server Admin in German or French
  • The interface and reports have been localized

Other New Features

  • Improved task checkbox display and behavior: more accurately reflects the task status in all views
  • Holding the Option key while clicking the task checkbox sets the task as cancelled
  • Task multi-column view's start and end date columns now display the time
  • Added Edit->Write Email menu item for triggering the write email action that was previously only available in contextual menus
  • New menu item "Print Selection…", also available in the contextual menus allows you to print only what you have selected, even if you're selecting a token, an item in the activity view, or elsewhere
  • Adding a new appointment in progress view now brings it up into edit mode automatically
  • Added the ability to set project status and opportunity state through contextual menu items
  • Added ability to filter by Notes for Companies and Appointments
  • Added the ability to add text links and text tables while editing notes (via the Format submenu)
  • Links clicked outside of Daylite (from DMA, or a link) now opens the object in the currently showing tab. Holding the ⌘Command key while clicking will open the object in a new tab
  • Added a General preference to determine whether items shown in Daylite from DMA show up in a new tab or in the current tab by default
  • Added visual margins and border markers in the merge template page layout
  • User defined extra fields names display in the merge template editor sidebar
  • Added help menu items for accessing our new training videos and webinars from the Marketcircle website
  • Added a "superuser access" mode, available in the Daylite menu which allows superusers to be able to see and edit everything regardless of permissions
  • Scaling and compressing is done to an image added for a person or company for better performance on iOS
  • Added a "Database" preference pane with information about the database and ability to edit server addresses for remote database in the event that the server address changes
  • Added Progress bar when performing a Delimited Data Import
  • Source fields are verified when loading a profile in the Delimited Data Importer
  • 'Keywords Split By String' option added to Delimited import destination mapping options for Group, Note, Opportunity, Company, Project, Task, and Appointment
  • Added a progress indicator while populating data in DMA
  • Emails that are removed from Daylite are remembered so they are not added back automatically again when auto linking is enabled in DMA
  • Customers on a machine with Daylite Server installed are now automatically disconnected if Daylite Server is turned off while they are connected

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Postgres Database environment startup when launching the app
  • Users without write access to a task can no longer edit fields on it or mark it as done/not done
  • Users without write access to an opportunity are no longer able to add/edit line items and create estimates
  • User's read/write permissions are now respected in objective progress view
  • Fixed an issue with line-breaks in a delimited import
  • Combining contacts now ignores the labels on phone and address fields
  • Phone number and address notes are handled better when combining contacts
  • Fixed duplication of industry and regions when using the Delimited Importer
  • Fixed a deselection behavior when doing actions in the detail pane from the home page
  • Fixed a crash that might happen while adding a task into a project's progress tab
  • Changed the mapping name "Bio" to "Tagline" for contacts in the Delimited Data Importer
  • Fixed a crash when exporting a calendar
  • Fixed a crash when trying to create linked objects via the inspector pane in the home screen
  • Fixed an issue where exporting a delimited text data file did not check if the file already exists causing it to overwrite an existing file
  • Fixed a crash when hitting delete in the description text for a delegated object
  • Fixed an issue where console would print the incorrect duration for a delimited import
  • Improved stability when editing appointments
  • Fixed problem with some views not auto-scrolling when tabbing to a field that is out of view
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the delegate button in pipeline progress view with no connected object
  • Fixed an issue where the default notification preferences was not being remembered
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a task in a newly created Pipeline/Activity Set
  • Fixed a refresh issue when deleting a stage in a pipeline through preferences
  • Fixed an issue where "Show in Daylite" would sporadically stop working from DMA
  • Fixed an issue where Tasks and objectives were being displayed in the "Users & Resources" view when the selected scope was set to "none"
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a pipeline stage to be duplicated during bulk editing
  • Fixed issue where the progress view items expanded states were not saved on the last viewed objective
  • Fixed potential performance issue when saving an appointment after adding invitees
  • Label table column field in the Delimited Data Import table is now disabled when a label does not apply to the destination field
  • Fixed a bug where hitting Command-S after editing a note title and not tabbing out could cause the changes to be lost
  • Fixed tabbing from item title in the pipeline/activity set preferences not moving to next field
  • Only the most recent reminder notification for a given task will be shown
  • Fixed an issue where printing a letter after merging would display an incorrect page count
  • Performance increase when bulk editing permissions
  • When completing a Delimited Data Import the previous "last import" list is now cleared and updated with the newly imported objects
  • The Delimited Importer is more lenient when importing dates
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the detail edit under the slide over in objective progress view in order to add another appointment
  • Appointments in the Pipeline preferences now show the options for appointment categories instead of task categories
  • Fixed an issue where an overdue task due 'Yesterday' might appear as "Tomorrow" in the home view
  • The inspector view now clears when the selected appointment in the home screen is deleted
  • Fixed a crash when dismissing inline task edit while the permissions popover is still open
  • Fixed an issue in tasks where sometimes the checkbox or title field may not appear
  • Fixed a potential crash on quit
  • Repeat settings are no longer editable for a externally invited appointments
  • External merge uses the template name as the subject if no subject specified when composing emails
  • Roles and relationships can now be unlinked from the activity view
  • Fixed an issue where a conflict note might have multiple identical entries on a combine
  • External document merge settings are now saved when a merge occurs and restored the next time the customer goes to merge
  • When importing, the Delimited Data importer sets the default label values when no label is specified
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when dismissing an inline task edit
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Sync menu item in the File menu from indicating that a background sync was actively in progress
  • Task due dates are now refreshed when the day changes
  • When combining people or companies, public permissions will be preferred
  • Fixed an issue where the estimate tax and total would not visually update when toggling the tax check box in the estimate view
  • Fixed an issue where floating dates parsed in from ics files (external meeting invites, CalDAV, etc) were being parsed in as GMT
  • Fixed a crash when combining people if two of the people had birthdays
  • Appointment no longer appear twice in the Activity View when the record is both invited and linked
  • Various editing option settings (automatic spelling, grammar, etc) are now remembered when editing notes
  • Filtering using "contains" now returns more results
  • Fixed a crash when using the "Items matching text" filter
  • When a CalDAV update fails because a password is wrong, you'll be prompted to enter the correct password
  • Changing an appointment's timezone to an option from the "Other" submenu correctly updates the menu
  • Updated localization strings for German and French
  • Fixed an issue where the fields would be mapped incorrectly during a Delimited Data Import
  • Fixed an issue where phone labels would interfere with phone formatting

Known Issues

  • In some rare cases, you may receive a "cannot start personal database environment" error message. A reboot will fix this. We are working on a solution.

Daylite Mail Assistant 4.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with closing a popover using the keyboard
  • The DMA pane is no longer refreshed when a new message arrives when you working on another email
  • Fixed an issue where the DMA pane in a compose window would not refresh properly when a new database connection was established
  • Fixed issue where the '+' button to add a task might become unresponsive
  • External meeting invites now handle case mismatches between Daylite contacts and ics files properly
  • DMA will automatically disconnect if the local database copy is deleted in Daylite
  • Fixed an issue where categories might not appear in DMA when using a non english language
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Other' group becoming blank when changing the addressee in a new mail
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while selecting multiple emails while in a specific mailbox
  • General stability fixes

Daylite Server Admin 4.2

Bug Fixes

  • An occurrence where repeating calendar entries would reappear multiple times has been addressed
  • Appointments that repeat every month and the same weekday were not being exported properly
  • Yearly repeating appointments set to repeat on a weekday of the month were not being exported to CalDAV properly
  • Fixed an issue where appointments that were not owned but accepted would not show in CalDAV
  • Fixed issue preventing Daylite Server Admin from quitting during an install of a newer version
  • Fixed issue preventing failed offline clients from being deleted in Daylite Server Admin
  • Fixed issue preventing Daylite Server Admin from properly repairing a missing server user account
  • Comma's within contact records added from iOS through CardDAV no longer insert a backslash
  • Fixed an issue with CalDAV that would prevent a user from adding an appointment from some client apps
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Contact Sharing preference option would not populate the change in CardDAV clients

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