What's new in Daylite 5!

Daylite 4 was re-written from the ground up to leverage Apple's newest technology, with Daylite 5 we're focusing on finding and working with your information.

Daylite on the Mac


  • Additional view pane for Daylite objects shown in interactive graphs

  • Allows you to discover trends and visually see what’s going on in your business


  • Activity view loads complete list of activity when viewing a record Allows you to jump to view any point in time in your client history.

Activity Search:

  • Now includes content and title of any linked activity so you can find specific e-mails and/or client activities/history

Repeating Tasks:
  • Tasks are able to be set to repeat so you don’t have to enter in new tasks multiple times

Filter Blanks:

  • You can now filter for ‘blank’ fields in your database to find holes or missing info

Improved Sidebar:

  • The sidebar is now collapsable so you can increase your workspace
  • Folders/subfolders now exist within the sidebar so you can organize lists and Smart Lists.

Daylite on iOS

  • Redesigned for iOS 7 to reflect Apple’s new look
  • Quick Search bar has been added on iOS
  • Meeting invitations and notifications are now able to be answered with a swipe gesture
  • Now supports background sync to update your data with when you’re not using Daylite

Daylite Mail Assistant

Improved editing abilities:

  • Records are now able to be edited right from within Apple Mail
  • New shortcut(Option + Click) allows you to jump directly to a record in Daylite from your Daylite Mail Assistant window.

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