What's new in Daylite 6 for iOS?

Daylite 6 for iOS


Today Widget

  • Check what’s on your plate today in one swipe on your iPhone or iPad. Without having to even open Daylite, you can see your tasks and appointments today along with tasks on your Worklist.

Filtering on the Go

  • Contacts, projects, and opportunities on your iPhone and iPad can be filtered by category and keywords. Contacts can be filtered by first name or last name. You can then switch tabs within this filtered list to view your Contacts by either People or Companies.

Link Files & Photos

  • Files and photos can be added to Daylite from your iPhone and iPad. From the item in Daylite you can choose to link a copy of a photo or file and these can be added to multiple items in Daylite.

Edit Categories, Keywords, Roles & Relationships

  • Categories, Keywords, Roles & Relationships can be created, edited, and delete from your iPhone or iPad.

Edit Notification & Invited

  • Bulk edit notifications to dismiss them all at once from your iPhone or iPad. Meeting attendance can be updated to "Decline" from your iPhone or iPad.

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