What's new in Daylite 6.2?

Daylite for Mac 6.2

Separate by User or Resource View

  • We have added a view for the "Users & Resources" calendar called "Separate by User or Resource" where:
    • Each user and resource is visible as a separate column in the Day and Week view.
    • Day view includes an "Everyone" column which shows the combined availability of all the selected users/resources.

Creating Appointments

  • We have improved how appointments are created so that invites are only added to the users being viewed in Users & Resources as well as Smart Lists.
  • When "Separate by User or Resource" is enabled, dragging or double-clicking within a column will create an appointment for that user or resource.

Other Improvements

  • The Home view now respects the "Show Birthdays & Anniversaries" setting in the My Calendar gear menu.
  • The "New File" button has been renamed to "Add File".
  • Creating an appointment for another user in the Team View now sets only that user as the invitee.
  • We added a new option within the Daylite General Preferences to enable or disable the 'Sync on Save' feature.
  • Team View is now hidden for users with their privlideges set to 'Limited'.
  • Localization improvements.


  • We fixed an issue where using the Print option when merging a letter would only printed the first page.
  • We fixed an issue where the details of a repeating task was not being shown in the right-sidebar of the calendar.
  • We fixed an issue where teams would not be listed in the Custom permissions popover.
  • We fixed an issue where dragging and dropping within the Activity View would not link those selected objects.
  • We again fixed the issue where Daylite could fail to sync after purchasing a subscription for an expired Cloud account.

Daylite Server Admin 6.2

  • Improved the memory usage for the DLStaged process.

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