When I invite a user to an appointment, Daylite crashes.


You attempt to invite a user to an appointment and then Daylite crashes.

Why is this problem occurring

If a contact card in the database is not linked to a Daylite user account, this could potentially create problems in multiple places within the application. It can affect functions such as DAV, Daylite for the iPhone and iPad, letter merging, adding invitees to appointments, etc.)


  1. Launch Daylite and choose Daylite > Preferences.
  2. Click Users and Teams.
  3. One by one, select each of your users and make sure there is a contact associated with the user. If there is no contact card linked to the user account, then click "Change" in the lower right and search for the appropriate contact card. If one does not exist, go ahead and create a contact card and then link it using the same steps.
  4. Once done, please go through all contact cards for Daylite users and ensure that they are set to public and not private.

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