Where can I find my Daylite Server address?

Knowing the server address is important information for Daylite Self-Serve users. Knowing this address is required for adding Card and CaDAV accounts, logging in remotely, and troubleshooting.

To quickly find your server Address do the following:

  1. Open Daylite Server
  2. Go to the Network pane

Here you can see your Daylite Server's address

Local Address

Your local address can either be the computers local IP address or its hostname. If you are using the computer's local IP address you will need to make sure that it is a static IP address as Daylite will not change the local IP dynamically

Public Address

The public address normally will not be configured. It is used when you have configured your network to have your Daylite database accessible over the internet. It must be an FQDN or the WAN IP where the server is. For more information on this check out How to set up Daylite for remote access.

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