Why can't I see the Daylite Mail Assistant in Apple Mail?


The Daylite Mail assistant is no longer appearing in Apple Mail.

Why is this problem occurring

The Mail assistant may be hidden, uninstalled or disabled.


The Daylite Mail Assistant can be hidden within Mail, allowing you take full advantage of the Mail window. When hidden, the Daylite Mail assistant will not appear at all. To unhide the Mail assistant do the following

  1. Open Apple Mail
  2. Along the Menu bar choose View > Show Daylite Assistant

If there is no option to Show the Daylite Assistant, it may have been uninstalled or disabled after receiving the error Daylite Mail assistant is not compatible with your version of Mail and has been disabled.

Download Daylite Mail Assistant from the Marketcircle Download page

If the issue persists contact Marketcircle Customer Service Team for further assistance.

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