Cannot Sync - Daylite Cloud cannot be reached on your current connection


Daylite is reporting that it cannot reach Daylite Cloud on your current connection


Why is this problem occurring

This error occurs when Daylite on your Mac is unable to connect to the Cloud.

This can typically happen because:

  • Your internet is down
  • The network you're connected to doesn't allow traffic to the Cloud servers
  • There is a status update with Cloud


Go through each section in order below which addresses each of the main reasons to why you may experience this issue and its solution.

Your internet is down

The first step to solving the problem is to simply confirm if you are on the internet. If you are viewing this article on the computer with this error than you likely have an internet connection. Click on Retry Sync and see if the issue resolves itself.

The network you're connected to doesn't allow traffic to the Cloud servers

Some networks may allow you to access things through your browser as well as other internet services but not allow you to connect to Daylite Cloud. You can quickly test this by trying another network. If you can sync than it is likely the network causing the problem. Avoid using this network with Daylite or check out Network and Security Requirements for Daylite and reconfigure the network.

There is a status issue with the Cloud servers

From time to time issues do arise on the Cloud servers which may prevent you from syncing. When we have identified an issue the Cloud Status page is updated. If there is an issue that prevents syncing on this page our team is already working to restore your sync and you don't need to do anything.

You can subscribe to updates on all Cloud issues from the Cloud Status Page

If after going through these steps the issue continues and there is no Cloud Status update there may be an issue unique to your device or you are experiencing some other unidentified issue. Submit a Cloud Alert Ticket and our Customer Support team will begin investigating why you cannot sync.

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