How to Control Who Can See and Edit Information

When everything is in one place, your team can work more efficiently. However, it may not make sense for everyone to have access to everything.

Breakdown information silos while making information accessible to the right teams in Daylite.

What you'll learn:

  • How to enable permissions
  • How to change who can see certain information
  • How to change who can edit certain information

What Are Permissions?

Every business has sensitive information. That's why you can apply permissions to individual items in Daylite.

There are two types of permissions:

View: Only those with View Permissions on an item can see an item they don't own. Denying view permissions is useful when items should only be seen by managers like employee reviews, or meeting minutes between the executive team.

Edit: Only those with Edit Permissions on an item can edit an item they don't own. Denying edit permissions is useful when you have a Project that only a project manager should edit, or if you are documenting important decisions that you wouldn't want changed.

Turn on permissions

Permissions Preferences
  1. On the menu bar choose Daylite > Preferences
  2. Choose Permissions, then click On
  3. When prompted to restart Daylite click OK
  4. Choose Daylite > Quit Daylite
  5. Open Daylite

Change who can see what and who can edit

Assigning permissions is easy and can be done in a few clicks. You can change permissions at any point, and they will update on the next sync.

Change Permissions
  1. Select an item in Daylite and click Edit
  2. Click Permissions
  3. Customize your permissions
  4. Click Save

When editing permissions, you will see the view and edit permissions for each person on your team as well as two presets: Public and Private. These are quick permissions that allow you to quickly allow, or deny view read and edit permissions for everyone.

Public: Anyone can view and edit this item Private: Only the owner can view and edit this item

Instead of assigning permission one person at a time, set up permissions for entire teams by Organizing Your People into Teams

Wrap up

Give your team one place to store all their information, while making sure that the information is still sharable with the right people and teams.