How to Delegate Tasks

It can be tough to let go of the things you've been successful at, but delegating an essential skill to scale your business.

With Daylite, you can trust your things will get done because you can delegate Tasks while still having oversight.

What you'll learn:

  • How to delegate Tasks and get updated when completed
  • How to build a delegated Tasks dashboard

Assign Tasks and get updated when completed

As the adage goes, trust but verify. Delegate Tasks and get updated when it's done.

The easiest way to create a Task is to use the New Item button. This button will change depending Whether you're looking at Tasks or another item in Daylite. When you're not viewing Tasks, click the down arrow next to the New Item button and choose to create a Task.

New Task

When you're not viewing Tasks, click the down arrow next to the New Item button and choose New Task


When creating the Task, follow the steps below to delegate it to someone else:

  1. Name and add a description of the Task
  2. Click Delegate
  3. Click the menu labelled delegate to and then select a person
  4. Select the checkbox labelled Notify me of changes
  5. Click Delegate
  6. Click Save

When a Task is updated, like marked complete, you will receive a notification in Daylite as well as on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad with push notifications.

Don't get stuck waiting. Set the right expectations.

Choose a due date on your tasks and everyone will know what they need to do and by when.

Build a delegated Tasks dashboard

Notifications for completed Tasks are great, but when you're juggling dozens of things at a time, a passive approach might not be the way to go. Smart Lists can help you build a custom dashboard so you can see all the open tasks you've delegated.

  1. Select All Tasks
  2. Click the filter icon
  3. Set the Filter to Delegated by and select yourself from the list of people
  4. Click + to add a new filter

This will open the Filter Tasks window:


To create a delegated Task Dashboard, build this filter:

  1. Change Category and choose Status, then change Any to Open
  2. Click Save as Smart List
  3. Name the Smart List Delegated Dashboard

The Filter should look like this:

Smart List Dashboard

Add a filter to search for a person and you can add individual dashboards for each person on your team.

You now have a list of Tasks that you've delegated and are waiting on being resolved. You can customize what information you see by switching Tasks into List view and adding more columns.

To customize the columns, Control-click the column header and select the columns. Order each column by dragging and dropping the column header into place. Sort by clicking the column header once.

For the delegated Dashboard try these fields and order:

  1. Name: Name of Task
  2. Owner: Who is responsible
  3. Due Date: When the Task is due
  4. Created: When the Task was created

If you sort due date from soonest to latest, you can prioritize Tasks that are overdue or will be due first.

Wrap Up

Delegating isn't easy, especially when its something that you have been successful at. Daylite gives you the tools you need to scale your business and have more oversight with the Tasks you delegate to your team.