How to Stay Top of Mind and Stay in Touch

When you're trying to stay top of mind for hundreds of people, keeping track of when to follow up isn't possible.

Daylite helps you stay top of mind by with a follow-up checklist and gives you the tools to reach out. Maintain positive relationships with the people you meet.

What you'll learn:

  • How to set up a follow-up checklist with reminders
  • How to create a email template
  • How to add a checklist to a Person
  • How to reach out to people with your email template

Set up a follow-up checklist with reminders

With a follow-up checklist, you can define a process and get reminded precisely when to follow up and with someone every 90 days for one year. This is an example, but you can create a process that fits your business.

Activity Set
  1. Along the menu bar choose Daylite > Preferences and click Activity Sets
  2. Click the Plus button to add a new Activity Set
  3. Name the Activity Set "90 Day Keep In Touch"
  4. Make your checklist apply to people by selecting the checkbox labelled People
  5. Click + New task and name the task "Follow up with @@"
  6. Click due and select none, then choose after start
  7. Set due date to remind you 90 days
  8. Next to reminder select Custom and choose the time you want to be reminded
  9. In the details section type "90 Day Keep In Touch Letter"

Repeat steps 2-10 for 180, 270 and 360 days.

@@ saves time and makes following up easy. When you use @@ in the name of a Task or Appointment within an Activity Set, it will be replaced with the name of the item which it is added to.

Eg. If you name a Task "Follow up with @@" and add the Activity Set to Marisha Key, the Task will be named "Follow up with Marisha Key".

Create a follow-up email template

With Daylite, you can create follow-up emails that are personal but scalable. With merge keys you can pull in details like names, companies, addresses and more.

  1. Along the menu bar choose Daylite > Preferences and select Letter Templates
  2. Click the Plus Button to add a new template
  3. Name the template "90 Day Keep In Touch Letter"
  4. Double click 90 Day Keep In Touch Letter

Here is a sample Letter Template you can use. Copy/Paste the text below and customize as needed. Replace the bolded text with your own content.

Hi <$contact.firstname$>,

The clients I work with often face a personal or business challenge that you can solve. Have you experienced anything similar?

If so, I have several ideas that might help -- like A Quick Tip to help this problem. If you’d like to hear more, I'd love to have a chat with you.



Add more personalization by double-clicking on additional merge keys on the right-hand side of the Letter Template window.

Add your follow-up checklist to someone

By setting your follow-up reminders to a Person, the Follow-Up Tasks will be linked to the Person, and you will see the Tasks on your home screen when they are due as well as get a reminder.

  1. Select the Person
  2. Click the ... button and select New Activity Set
  3. Click Activity Set and choose 90 Day Keep In Touch
  4. Click Create

Based off your template, a series of tasks will be created, and linked to the person.

Following up

When you see the Follow-Up on your homepage or get a reminder in Daylite, it is time to reach out.

  1. In Quick Search type in the name of the Person you have been reminded to follow up
  2. Along the menu bar choose Edit > Merge > Write Letter in Daylite
  3. Select 90 Day Keep In Touch Letter
  4. In Title, type the subject you want to use for your email
  5. Click Merge
  6. Review the email and, when ready, send the email

Way to go! You've followed up and can now check off that task as done!

For even more powerful Email integration, check out the Marketing&Chat for MailChimp integration or the Direct Mail add-on.

Wrap Up

You have created a process that you can use to make sure you are always top of mind with your customers. By adding the 90 Day Keep In Touch Activity Set, you will get reminders to follow up, so you don't have to wrack your brain to remember who to follow up with each morning. With Letter Templates, you complete the process by making following up quick and easy so you can get back to working on your top priorities.