How to Organize All the Moving Pieces in a Project

Juggling multiple projects at once and switching focus is just a regular part of a business, but trying to catch up to speed and chasing down all the details is costly.

That's why Daylite connects all the moving pieces, so even with long-term projects, you can remember what's been done, who is still working on what, and the decisions made.

What you'll learn:

  • How to keep track of emails, meeting minutes, files, and documents
  • How to keep track of the work, when it's due, and by whom
  • How to find all the details attached to a project

Keep track of emails, meeting minutes, files, and documents

When viewing a Project, you can link new Notes, Appointments, Tasks and more. This is great for when you've got a project pulled up like in a daily scrum, weekly planning or giving a status update to the customer.

From a Project

When viewing a Project, click the corresponding button in the top right corner. If you want to create and link an item which isn't a button, or link an already existing item like a person you've added to the Project, click the more linking options button and select the item here.

You can also link in the other direction.

To a Project

When Creating a new item, or viewing an already existing item click +Add Project and type the name of the Project. Select the Project from the search results.

Add files to a Project

Every Project ends up having a long list of files: specs, contracts, pictures, spreadsheets, and more. You don't have to scramble and look for a missing file when you attach them to a Project.

Link Files
  1. Click My Projects and select the Project you want to add a file to
  2. Choose File > New > Add File To
Add File

Once in the add file window:

  1. Click Choose and navigate to the file you want to link
  2. If needed, update the Title, the Date or Notes
  3. Click Add File

Since someone using Daylite can only access a file added to Daylite, you might prefer to use a file sharing service like iCloud or Dropbox when collaborating with clients or 3rd parties. In these cases, you can still link files to a Project as file references:

Find all the details attached to a Project

Adding everything in one place is good but only half the battle. You also need to find what you need in a few seconds. Watch this video and learn how all this information is organized and how to find what you're looking for in a Project.

Wrap Up

Organize all the moving pieces of a Project to track it's status, know who is working on what, and capture all the decisions and details. Now that your projects are organized, it is time to learn How to Streamline your Projects and achieve your goals sooner.