How to Organize Opportunities by Stage

Are you struggling to track what stage each deals is in? Keeping track of every deal, especially when you have long sales cycles is hard. So much can happen at any moment and you really can't remember it all. So, how do organize all your deals? How do you keep track of their stage? Paper? Whiteboard? excel spread sheets?

Daylite offers a better way. Pipelines make it easy to track each deal and what stage each deal is in. When you segment your Opportunities by Pipeline stage with Smart Lists,bring clarity to the chaos of juggling deals.

What you'll learn:

  • How to segment your opportunities by stage
  • How to create organize segments in folders

Segment Opportunities by stage

Smart Lists are lists of items based on whatever criteria you decide. They update automatically, so you don’t have to spend time keeping them up-to-date. This makes Smart Lists ideal for organizing your Opportunities as they move through your Pipeline.

How to create a Pipeline by Opportunity Stage

Opportunity Filter
  1. Choose All Opportunities
  2. Click the Filter icon
  3. Change the filter settings to search for Pipeline & Stage
  4. Choose the Pipeline you want to organize
  5. Choose the stage you want filter
  6. Add another Filter for State, then is not, and then Lost
  7. Click Save as Smart List and name use the Stage as your Smart List segment.

Your Filter should look like this:

Opportunity Filter

To add more Smart Lists for your stages, right click on the Smart List you just created and click Duplicate Smart List. Do this for each Stage on a Pipeline.

Organize each segment into folders

Now that you have a list for each Stage in a Pipeline, you can organize them in a folder.

How to create a folder for your lists

Smart List Folder
  1. Choose All Opportunities
  2. In the lower left corner, click +
  3. Choose New Folder and name the folder the name of the Pipeline
  4. Drag and drop your new Opportunity Smart Lists into the folder

Use the disclosure triangle next to Smart List folder you just created to close or expand your List.

Wrap Up

Pipelines make it easy to keep track of what stage a deal is in but when you have multiple deals, keeping them all organized can be tough. With Pipeline Stages, you can easily spot which deals are awaiting a proposal, which are ready to close, and whatever other stage of the deal you go through.

Segment your Opportunities by Pipeline stage using Smart Lists so you can organize your deals and bring clarity to the chaos of juggling multiple deals on your plate.