How to Organize the Moving Pieces in a Deal

Sales with long sales cycles get very complicated. People come and go, documents are created, decisions are made, updated, and then changed again.

Daylite organizes all the moving pieces so you can work faster, make fewer mistakes, and close more deals.

What you'll learn:

  • How to keep track of emails, meeting minutes, files, and documents on all your deals
  • How to keep track of what needs to be done by who and when to close the deal
  • How to find all the details about a deal so anyone on your team can follow up

How to keep track of emails, meeting minutes, files, and documents on all your deals

Daylite lets you keep a history of emails, meeting minutes, files, and documents on all your deals. This is done by linking items to an Opportunity so you can reference notes from a call, search for an email, or find an important file like a document or image.

When viewing an Opportunity, you can link Files, Notes, Appointments, Tasks, and more directly from that Opportunity. This great when you're on a call with a client, in a sales meeting, or planning how you want to approach the deal.

Link To Opportunity

When viewing a Opportunity, click the corresponding button in the top right corner. If you want to create and link an item which isn't a button, or link an already existing item like a person, click the more linking options button and select the item here.

You can also link in the other direction.

Link From Opportunity

When Creating a new item, or viewing an already existing item click +Add Opportunity and type the name of the Opportunity. Select the Opportunity from the search results.

Add files to an Opportunity

Every Opportunity has a long list of files. Sales decks, contracts, pictures, spreadsheets, and more. You'll never scramble for a file again because they will be linked to the Opportunity.

Add Files

Select the Opportunity and click Add File in the top right corner. If you don't see this button, make the Daylite window larger and it to appear.

Choose File

When you do the Add file Menu will appear.

  1. Click Choose and navigate to the file you want to link
  2. If needed, update the title, the date added or additional details about the file
  3. Click Add File

Since someone using Daylite can only access a file added to Daylite, you might prefer to use a file sharing service like iCloud or Dropbox when collaborating with clients or 3rd parties. In these cases, you can still link files to an Opportunity as file references:

Wrap Up

Organize all the moving pieces to your Opportunity so you can track the status of a deal, find out who is working on what, and locate all of the decisions and details. Now that you're organized, it might be time to start Streamlining Your Opportunity so you can achieve your goals sooner.