How to Organize Your People into Teams

Scaling a business requires re-organizing and adding to your team. With specialized roles a business is more focused, but with complexity comes new problems.

Simplify the complex and leverage everyone by organizing your employees into teams within Daylite.

What you'll learn:

  • How to build a team
  • How to create a team calendar
  • How to view what's on a team's plate

Set Up Teams

Adding your teams makes sure your Daylite and your business are in better sync helping your team grow.

  1. On the menu bar choose Daylite > Preferences
  2. Choose Users & Teams then click Teams

Now, while in the Team Manage:

Build Team
  1. Click the add team plus button to create a new team
  2. Type the name of your team in the Team Name field
  3. Click the Add People plus symbol to populate the team

Teams don't have to only be departments. Build teams based on projects, responsibilities or the levels of access.

Create a team calendar

A team's calendar can be a powerful tool, giving you more insights into what teams are working on. Office Managers, Executive Assistants, and Dispatchers can create additional calendars to manage other people's schedule.

Team Calendar
  1. On the sidebar click Team
  2. Select the team you want to view with the team selector
  3. Click on View Calendar

You will now see a Users and Team Calendar, showing that team's schedule selected. You can Save this calendar as a Smart List to reference whenever you need to.

Smart List
  1. Click on the Filter Button
  2. Click Save as Smart List

View what's on a team's plate

Having oversight while not being a micromanager can be a tough balance. Knowing who is succeeding is important, but you don't want to slow everyone down with too many questions or updates.

Team View

Team view is a manager's dashboard that lets you get an overview of how things are going. Prepare for status updates, identify red flags, and plan further initiatives. Here is how that information is organized on Team View:

  • Today: Appointments and meetings scheduled for today as well as Projects and Tasks due
  • Over Due: Projects and Tasks that are overdue
  • Worklist: Tasks added to the worklist
  • Tomorrow to Next 7 Days: Appointments scheduled as well as Task, Projects, and Opportunity Due Dates.

With Team view, you can determine whether a team is falling behind their due dates, what their focus is, and how many appointments they've made. At a glance, prepare for a meeting with your managers, take urgent corrective action and decide whether now is the right time to start new initiatives.

Wrap up

Get your business and Daylite in sync by setting up teams. Simplify complexity and look at tasks, projects appointments in the context of each team. With a single glance, gain oversights and get insights about status about the direction of a team.