How to Segment Your Contact List

Your contact list is made of many different groups, each with a different relationship with you and is always changing. So, how do you segment your contact list that can keep up with you?

In Daylite, you can segment your contact list with filters. Save these filters, and they will automatically update whenever a contact changes.

What you'll learn:

  • How to create a segment of contacts
  • How to save your contact segment

Create contact segments

There are an infinite number of ways to segment your contacts. Let's take a straightforward example which will help you target people who you haven't been in contact with.

Add Filter

When you click on the Add Filter Icon, you will see the Filter window:

Filter Breakdown

To Filter contacts without recent activity, update the Filter:

  1. Set your Filter to Match all
  2. Filter for Categories that are Leads.
  3. Click ... to add a subfilter
  4. Set the subfilter to Do not match all
  5. Select the Filter Pop-up menu and Filter for Activity
  6. Choose in last and type 90 days

Your Filter should look like this:

No Recent Activity Segment

Since you'll want to check this list from time to time, click Save As Smart List. Go ahead and name the Smart List Leads Going Cold.

Leads Going Cold Smart List

Wrap up

When you segment your contact list, you stay more organized and gain new insights about the people and businesses in you contact list. Want to see how you can take the Smart List you made further? Find out how you can stay top of mind with reminders to follow ups.