Sharing Your Daylite Calendar

Sharing your Daylite calendar with other programs lets you work cross functionally more efficiently. With your Daylite calendar exported to other apps, you can take advantage of thefeatures they offer.

Daylite makes it easy to share your calendar with the Calendar app on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

What You'll Learn

  • Benefits of sharing your Daylite calendar
  • Sharing your Daylite calendar with the Mac, iPhone, and iPad calendar apps
  • Setting up Daylite to be your default calendar list on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Why share your Daylite calendar?

Sharing your Daylite calendar allows you to see your appointments in other apps, so you can add, edit, or leverage your calendar even when you're working outside of Daylite.

Here are a few examples of things you can do by sharing your Daylite calendar:

  • Add, edit and delete meetings from outside Daylite
  • Use Siri to make new appointments
  • Create reminders with Siri and the reminders app

Share your Daylite calendar on the iPhone and iPad

Sharing your Daylite calendar to your iPhone and iPad lets you do things like make appointments with Siri, as well as create Tasks with the reminders app.

Share on iOS
  1. Tap Daylite on your iPhone or iPad
  2. On the Daylite Home Screen navigate to Settings > Calendar
  3. Tap Install Calendar Profile
  4. Tap Install in the top right corner and confirm
  5. Tap Done

Next time you open calendar on your iPhone or iPad, you will see your Daylite calendars in a separate Daylite group.

Share your Daylite calendar On The Mac

Watch the video or follow the steps below to add your Daylite calendar to the Apple Calendar app.

  1. Open Daylite on your Mac
  2. Choose Daylite > Preferences > Calendar Sharing
  3. Choose In Other Apps
  4. Select Separate calendars for each category
  5. Click Install Calendar Profile
  6. Click Install

Next time you open Calendar on your Mac, you will see your Daylite meetings and appointments in a separate Calendar group.

Make Daylite your default calendar

Sharing your Daylite calendar with another program's calendar application DOES NOT merge the databases together. When you share your Daylite calendar, each database is kept as it's own calendar group. Making Daylite your default calendar on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad means your devices will use the Daylite list automatically when adding or accessing meetings.

On the iPhone and iPad

Default iOS
  1. Tap Settings for your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap Calendar
  3. Tap Default Account
  4. Select your Daylite Account

On the Mac

Default iOS
  1. Open Calendar and choose Calendar > Preferences
  2. Click General, then select your Daylite account in the pop-up menu labelled Default Account

Wrap Up

Now Daylite is shared with the Calendar app on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. With all of your calendars in one place, Daylite helps you build more relationships, close more deals, get more done, and scale your business. Want to share your Daylite contacts with other apps too? Check out How to Share Your Daylite Contacts.