How to Stay on Top of Follow Ups

Consulting, real estate, photography, or whatever amazing thing you do, you'll always need to juggle following up with different people. And since you have so much to think about already, it's easy to forget.

Use Tasks in Daylite to stay on top of your follow ups and create follow-up schedules. This way you'll always stay on target and follow up like a champ.

What you'll learn:

  • How to create a follow up
  • How to create a follow up schedule

Create a follow up

When you view a Person or Company, you can create a follow-up right away with the New Follow-Up Button, which will create a Task linked to the Person/Company, and name it for you so you know it's a follow-up.

Tasks are great at managing follow ups because Daylite will remind you when they are due, show that they are over due, and they will go away when you've finished it.

New Follow-Up Button in the top right corner
  1. Search for the person in the Quick Search field
  2. Click New Follow-Up
New Follow-up

Now addd a due date and reminder so Daylite notifies you when to follow up

Create a series of follow up schedule

If you have a standard process which involves multiple follow ups, you can create follow-up schedule, making it easy to create and remember each check-in you have.

To create a follow up schedule

Use the New item button in the top left corner to create a task
  1. Along the menu bar choose Daylite > Preferences
  2. In Daylite preferences click Activity Sets
  3. Click the Plus button to add a new Activity Set
  4. Type in the Task Details

Add all the Tasks you need and then close the Preferences.

Add your follow-up schedule to someone

By setting your follow-up reminders to a Person, the Follow-Up schedule will create the tasks and link them to the Person you've selected.

  1. Select the Person
  2. Click the ... button and select New Activity Set
  3. Click Activity Set and choose your Activity Set
  4. Click Create

Based off your template, a follow up schedule will be created, and linked to the person.

Wrap Up

By now you should know how to create a follow-up in Daylite, from Mail, as well as create your own follow-up schedule. When you let Daylite remind you to follow, you can focus on actually doing the work. Instead of spending time apologizing for missing a due date, Daylite can help you stay on top of all your follow ups.

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