How to Stop Things Falling through the Cracks

The energy spent keeping things falling through the cracks stops you from executing your plans.

With better visibility and reminders on tasks, Daylite takes away the stress by remembering all the things you need to accomplish. Whether a task is due today or a year from now, you're always covered.

What you'll learn:

  • How to get reminded when tasks are due
  • How to track due dates on your calendar
  • How to use the Home Screen as your daily dashboard for due dates

How to get reminders when things are due

There is only so much we can track at a time, and while we are wracking our brains to remember what happened this week, priorities from last month are slipping away.

Free up mental bandwidth by setting up automatic notifications, and adding due dates to your Tasks, so you have a safety net of reminders no matter where you are.

Set up Automatic Notifications

Auto Notifs
  1. Choose Daylite > Preferences and choose Notifications
  2. Click the Tasks Tab
  3. Click None, choose Message so you get a new notification
  4. With the date and time picker, choose when you want your reminder
  5. Select the checkbox labelled New Tasks and appointments I create
  6. Select the checkbox labelled Receive items through delegation or invitation
  7. Select the checkbox labelled Disable reminders for tasks marked as Done

Add multiple reminders so you can be sure the tasks won't fall through the cracks.

Add due dates

You don't have to worry about forgetting and letting things fall through the cracks because Daylite will take care of the reminders.

New Task

The easiest way to create a Task is to use the New Item button. This button will change depending Whether you're looking at Tasks or another item in Daylite. When you're not viewing Tasks, click the down arrow next to the New Item button and choose to create a Task.

Due Date

New Tasks will now have a reminder by default. click next to due date and using the date picker, choose when the Task is due.

Save more clicks with Default Due dates.

Choose Daylite > Preferences > Defaults Values and click Tasks. Select the checkbox labelled Automatically Set Due Date and choose when you want your Tasks due.

Follow up with your reminders

You've captured a task and now you can shift your focus and be confident that it won't be forgotten.


When a reminder fires, the notification bell in Daylite turns red and the Daylite icon on your Dock will showing how many pending notifications you have. Click on the notification bell, and you will see your reminder with the name of your Task and these options:

  • Status checkbox: Click if the Task is completed
  • More: Go to the Task in Daylite for more details
  • Snooze: Snooze the reminder with pre-set time increments
  • Dismiss: Remove the reminder from the notification menu

Now you can start working on this Task, dismiss the notification because you're not ready to start or mark it done.

push notifs

Even when you're outside of Daylite, push notifications will remind you on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. No matter where you are, stop things from falling through the cracks. Customize push notifications in System Preferences for macOS and in the Settings app for your iPhone and iPad.

Track Tasks and Projects from your calendar

On top of notifications, you can show your due dates on the Calendar. This will give you a visual reminder of what you need to do and by when.


Add Tasks & Projects to your Calendar

  1. Click My Calendar
  2. Click the Calendar Options Gear Select Show Tasks and Show Projects

Need to move a due date?

Change the due date on the calendar by dragging and dropping a Task or Project to a new date.

How to use the Home Screen as your daily dashboard

The home screen is a dashboard for your day and week. Any Task or Project that is overdue or has a due date within the next week will show up on your Home Screen.


Get into the habit of checking the Home Screen every day. First looking at overdue Tasks and Projects and move out towards the end of your week. Look for Tasks and Projects that need extra attention or preparation and prioritize completing those first.

Wrap up

While your competitors are wracking their brains to remember everything, you can focus on executing. Using reminders and better visibility over all the things happening around you, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Now you're ready to learn How to Organize All the Moving Pieces in a Project and make your business run smoother by Streamlining Your Projects.