Tracking Deals by Size

In an ideal world, you always want to give each of your deals the same amount of attention. Each one of your clients should feel special, no matter how large or small the deal. However, it is important to prioritize your deals so you can focus your attention on the largest ones first.

Tracking deals by their size is a powerful way to increase income and grow your business because it helps stay on top of those big deals. With Daylite, staying focused on the deals that have the biggest impact on your business is easy.

Any time a lead or client expresses interest in a product or service, you want to create an Opportunity and then add an Estimate. If you are not familiar with creating Opportunities, start by reading the Learn article How to Capture New Business..

What You'll Learn

Capturing the Value of a Deal

Create an Estimate to capture the value of your deal:

  1. Select an Opportunity and click on the Estimate tab. Opportunity screen selecting Estimate tab
  2. Click the + button to add a New Line Item and then set the Quantity and Price. Edit button showing New Line Item Window
  3. With an Estimate added to your Opportunity, you'll see the total for the deal, which you can now use to create an Opportunity dashboard. Opportunity Screen showing Estimate

Creating a Dashboard Based on a Deal's Size

Now that you have successfully created an Estimate for your Opportunity, you can create a Dashboard using a Smart List to show which deals have the highest valued Estimates. The Smart List will update automatically so any new Opportunities with high values will show up in it.

Let's create a Dashboard for Opportunities valued at $5000 or more:

  1. Select All Opportunities from the Daylite Sidebar, then click the Filter icon. All Opportunities screen selecting Filter button
  2. Change the first filter option to Total Amount, then is greater than and then type in 4,999.
  3. Change the next filter option to State is Open.

  4. To create your Deal Size Dashboard, click Save as Smart List and name the Smart List Deals $5,000+. Filter menu showing Total Amount

To create a Dashboard for a specific user, add another filter criteria to your Smart List for Owner is and then select the name of the person.

Creating a Product or Service in Daylite Preferences

If you repeatedly sell the same Products or Services to your clients, you can save them in the Daylite Preferences to be used any time you create an Estimate.

  1. Navigate to Daylite Preferences > Products & Services. Daylite Preferences screen selecting Products and Services
  2. Click the + button and choose either Product or Service. Products and Services screen selecting **+** button
  3. Now you can enter the information for Details, Pricing, Extras and Comments. These are all optional entries, so you only have to fill out what's useful to you. Products window showing Details tab
  4. The next time you add an Estimate to your Opportunity you can add your Product or Service from the + button. Opportunity Screen selecting Product/Service from plus button

Wrap Up

When you can track your deals by size, it becomes easier to tell which deals you should be working on next. Because businesses come in different sizes, Daylite is flexible and allows you to create any Deal Sized Dashboard you want.

Click here to learn how to Track Your Close Rate on Deals, and take your business to the next level.