How to Track Deals by Size

You want to give each deal the right amount of attention, but when a big deal falls apart, it hurts more.

Tracking deals by their size is a powerful way to increase income and grow your business because it helps stay on top of the big deals. With Daylite, staying focused on the deals that have the biggest impact on your business is easy.

What you'll learn:

  • How to capture the value of a deal
  • How to create deal size dashboards

How to capture the value of a deal

When a new deal starts, create an Opportunity and add an estimate. If you are not familiar with creating Opportunities, read How to Capture New Business..

  1. Choose your Opportunity
  2. Click the Estimate Tab
  3. Add any line items to your Estimate

With an estimate added to your Opportunity, you'll see the total for the deal which you can filter for and create an Opportunity dashboard.


Create deal size dashboards

To create deal dashboards to track your deals by size, use Smart Lists. Smart Lists look for Opportunities that meet specific criteria that you define, so your list updates by itself.

Using the example of $5,000, let's create a dashboard:

  1. On the Sidebar Choose All Opportunities
  2. Click the filter icon
  3. Change the filter to Total Amount, then is greater than and then type in 5,000
  4. Change the next filter to search for State is Open

Your filter should look something this:

Smart Lists

To create your Opportunity dashboard, click Save as Smart List and name the Smart List Deals $5,000+.

To create dashboards for a specific user, add a new filter Owner is. Then select the name of the person for whom you'd like this dashboard to show.

Wrap Up

When you can track your deals by size, it becomes more clear which deals you should be working on next. Because businesses come in different sizes, Daylite is flexible, allowing you to create any deal size dashboard you want.

Join our closing more deals webinar and see more ways you can sort and filter your leads and deals using Daylite.