Tracking How Many Deals Are in Your Pipeline

When you DON'T know how many deals are in your pipeline, you CAN'T know whether you need more deals to meet your goals or if you're taking on too many.

Whether you're a salesperson or manager, Daylite helps you organize all your open deals so you can see how many you or your team have.

What You'll Learn

Tracking Deals in Your Pipeline

When you know how many open deals you have, you can manage your workload more easily. That's why Daylite has My Opportunities, which shows you all of your own open deals. You can filter, sort, see the category colour, check the number of Opportunities you have, and select an Opportunity for more information.

  1. My Opportunities
  2. Category Colours
  3. Sort
  4. Filter
  5. Opportunity Count Daylite Sidebar showing My Opportunities

Tracking Deals in Your Team's Pipeline

When you're a sales manager you need to track how many deals the entire team has. Using a Smart List, you can create a dashboard to track how many deals are currently active across your entire team.

All Opportunities shows you a list of every deal in your company, whether won, lost, or active, so you will need to filter it to view only Open Deals.

  1. Select All Opportunities from the Daylite Sidebar.
  2. Click the Filter icon.
  3. Change the first filter to State is Open.
  4. Click Save as Smart List. My Opportunities sidebar showing Filter window
  5. Name it All Open Deals. My Opportunities showing All Open Deals Smart List

If you wanted to dig a little bit deeper than just All Open Deals, you could filter for Deal Size, Category, Keywords, etc.

  1. Control-click or right-click the Smart List and select Duplicate. All Open Deals Smart List showing Duplicate window
  2. Now change the new Smart List as needed. In this example, we have chosen to filter by Category. Smart List window selecting Category
  3. Be sure to rename your new Smart List to avoid any confusion. Daylite Sidebar showing Category Smart List

Tracking Deals for Specific Team Members

Most of the time, as a sales manager, you also want to see how many deals each salesperson is assigned. You can do that by adding a filter for each person you're responsible for managing.

For each salesperson, create a Smart List of their open deals by doing the following:

  1. Choose All Opportunities.
  2. Click the Filter button.
  3. Change the first filter to State is Open.
  4. Change the second filter to Owner is and choose the salesperson from the menu.
  5. Click Save as Smart List. My Opportunities sidebar showing Filter window

Your Smart List should look like this:

Filter Window

Wrap Up

By accurately tracking your deals, you can start to forecast sales demand and measure your workload. Opportunities in Daylite help you see at a glance how many deals are in your pipeline. As a manager, you can expand this by looking across your entire team, as well as individual sales people.

Ready to take things to the next level?

Try tracking your deals by size, including estimates and total sales amounts.