How to Track Referrals

Having customers refer people to you is always a sign that you’re doing something right. Great businesses are built on strong relationships and when you make a good impression on people you’re likely to get more referrals. When you can see how many referrals your clients are sending you, you can encourage more by sending your best referrers appreciation for the business they’ve given you.

What you'll learn:

  • How to track who a contact referred or was referred by
  • How to filter and segment your referrals

How to Add a Role or Relationship to a Contact

When you want to capture a referral, link the referrer and person they referred and choose the referrer relationship.

Add Role
  1. Create the person you want to add as a referral and click +Add Person
  2. Choose the contact who referred them
  3. Once linked, click the relationship dropdown menu next to their name and select Referred By
  4. Click Done to save

How to Filter by Referral

After you have captured your referral in Daylite, you can filter your referrals to see all the Contacts that have been referred by a specific person. This way you can thank these people for their referrals, and be specific about who they sent your way. For an introduction in creating filters and segments of people, read How to Segment Your Contact List.

Filter Referrals
  1. Create the following filter:
  2. Select People that match all of the following.
  3. Select Name that contains and type in the Contact name.
  4. Click the + to add a row and then select Relationship and was referred by

Wrap Up

If tracking your referrals is very important to your business, you may also want to consider contacting a Daylite Expert to create a custom report. You could create a report to search your Daylite database for the top 5 clients that have given you the most referrals. Then send them a reward to show your appreciation for helping grow your business. To contact an Expert, visit our Daylite Expert listings page. or book a call to be paired with the right expert for you.