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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to move to Daylite Cloud?

For full instructions on what's involved in moving to Daylite Cloud, read this article.

What is Email On Demand?

When you move to Daylite Cloud, you get Email On Demand - a feature exclusive to Daylite Cloud. Email On Demand gives you faster logins and smaller local databases than with Daylite Self-Serve. Now, the contents of emails download to your device as they are being viewed in Daylite. For more information about Email On Demand, visit this help article.

Can I add or remove seats at any time?

Yes. You can add and remove seats at any time. If you add a seat, you will be charged the pro-rated amount for the current billing cycle (yearly or monthly) immediately. Subsequent billing periods will include the additional seat.

How much storage is included?

Each Daylite Cloud account gets 100GB of storage. If you need to add additional storage, you can contact us to purchase more.

How secure is my data?

Your security is very important to us, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our systems are secure. For the full details visit our Daylite Cloud Security page.

I already have a Daylite Cloud account, can I merge them?

It is not possible to merge accounts. You can export data from one Daylite database and import to another.

What are the system requirements to perform my own migration to Daylite Cloud?

To migrate to Daylite Cloud yourself you will need to be on macOS 10.12 or later. If you are on a previous version, please contact us and we can help with your migration to Cloud.

What happens if I stop paying for Daylite Cloud? Can I still access my data?

If you decide to no longer pay for Daylite, you will be able to export all your data.

Is there a trial period for Cloud if moving from Self-Serve?

There is no trial period when migrating to Daylite Cloud. Once your migration to Daylite Cloud is finished you would then start your payment cycle.

If I delete something in Daylite Cloud how do I recover without a backup?

Daylite stores all People, Companies, Projects, Opportunities, Groups, Tasks, Appointments, Forms, Email, Notes, and Files in the Daylite Trash. This way if something is deleted accidentally it can be restored, as long as you haven't cleared the trash. Please follow the steps here to restore from the trash.

I have 2 different Self Serve databases that I toggle between. Will I be able to continue to have 2 separate databases in Daylite Cloud? Will I have to pay for both?

We strongly recommend you use only one database, however if you decide to use more than one database you would need to subscribe to both accounts. Databases cannot be merged and it is not easy to swap accounts on iOS. You cannot use the same email address as the admin for more than one Daylite Cloud database, you'll need a different email address for each admin on the account. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

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