Onboarding Services To Help You Grow

Talk with us, and we’ll help you find the best onboarding path for your business.

Trial Advisors

Are you getting started with Daylite? Let's work together and create a success plan so you can be confident you're getting the most out of your trial.

With an advisor, you'll get:

  • Advice on successful Daylite solutions and workflows
  • Hand-picked resources to get started and successful
  • Answers to your getting started questions

Get Paired with a Daylite Coach

No matter how long you've been using Daylite, a Daylite Coach will help you be more efficient and effective. Based on your industry, business and budget, we can pair you with the right coach.

A Daylite coach can help you:

  • Import and organize your data
  • Offer professional support, business consulting, and training
  • Set up and customize Daylite to meet your business needs