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Current Version: 3.12 (Still using 3.8?)
Snow Leopard Compatibility: Fully Compatible

Current Version: 3.12
Snow Leopard Compatibility: Fully Compatible

Current Version: 3.6.1
Snow Leopard Compatibility: Fully Compatible

Check Your Version Title

Make sure you’re up to date by checking which versions of our applications are on your Mac. You can find the version number in the About window.

Updating Daylite Title

Older versions of Daylite Mail Integration (DMI) may not work in some version of Snow Leopard. Install Daylite 3.12 to fix DMI along with some other Snow Leopard related issues.

To install Daylite 3.12:

  1. Download Daylite 3.12.
  2. Run the provided installer.

Note: If you connect to a shared database using Daylite Server, make sure your Daylite Server is also up-to-date. To use Daylite 3.12, your Daylite Server will need to be upgraded to Daylite Server 3.12.

We suggest that you run the latest version of Daylite. Updates are free for all existing Daylite 3 users.

Daylite 3.8 is not supported on Snow Leopard and should be upgraded to Daylite 3.9 before installing Snow Leopard. If you've already installed Snow Leopard before upgrading to Daylite 3.9, you can get help moving your database from our knowledge base.

Updating Daylite Server Title

Daylite 3.9.6 and later includes a workaround for an incompatibility between Daylite Touch Server and the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard firewall. Daylite 3.12 is compatible with Mac OS X Security Update 2010-001.

You must install or reinstall Daylite Server 3.9.6 (or later) after upgrading to Snow Leopard; otherwise, Daylite Server will not start, and Daylite Server Admin will stall during launch while displaying the text “Connecting to the Daylite configuration...”

To get Daylite Server working on Snow Leopard:

  1. If you're not already on Snow Leopard, turn off Daylite Server (from the General tab in Daylite Server Admin) and upgrade to Snow Leopard.
  2. Download Daylite Server 3.12.
  3. Run the provided installer on the Mac running Daylite Server.

Your existing databases and settings will remain as they were before updating. People connecting to your Daylite Server will need to upgrade to Daylite 3.12, but Daylite Touch users will continue to use Daylite Touch 1.2.

Note: If you install Daylite Server 3.12 before updating to Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you will need to reinstall Daylite Server after Snow Leopard is installed.

Help Title

If you’re up-to-date and still encountering problems, please contact our Customer Service team. We’d love to help.

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