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Has running your business taken over? We get it! We built Daylite to help you spend less time managing your business and more of it doing what you love.

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Are you running your business or is it running you?

One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is a lack of time. As your business grows, you struggle to stay on top of increasing demands. There are prospects to follow up with, sales to track, and commitments that you promised to deliver to your clients on a daily basis. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fear the business will fail if you can’t keep up. Before long, and without even realizing it, you’ve lost the passion and drive you once felt.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Daylite can help you regain control of your business!

Daylite was made to help small businesses reduce the time it takes to manage clients, sales and projects. An app exclusively for your Mac, iPhone and iPad, that will help manage your business efficiently so you have more freedom to do what you love.

How to regain control of your business?


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My business and I rely on Daylite. I spend less time determining which tasks are high priority and which tasks can wait. I spend less time looking through my emails or querying particular documents on my computer and hard drive. I spend less time trying to get up to speed on where I left a file. Consequently, I spend more time moving my clients’ files towards trial or resolution, and I’m able to achieve better results for them more quickly.

CRM, Sales Management and Project Management are critical to every business - Daylite will make them effortless.

When you need to manage your clients, track your sales or deliver on projects, Daylite has the tools to make it effortless. Whether you want to focus on just one of these areas or tackle all three, Daylite has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Build Stronger Relationships


Relationships are essential for every business. Daylite CRM helps you strengthen and nourish your client relationships by keeping track of communication and next steps so you're always on the ball no matter how big your client list grows.

Daylite's Contact view on a MacBook showing recent emails, call notes, and follow up reminder
  • Remember every detail

    Remembering the little things makes clients feel special and builds trust. This opens the door to repeat business and more referrals. Daylite makes it easy to remember everything by keeping track of emails, notes, calls, and next steps in one place.

  • Never miss a beat

    Say goodbye to things slipping through the cracks because info was stuck in someone's head or inbox. Daylite keeps your team in sync by organizing and sharing everything in one place. Worried about confidential info? Daylite's permissions have you covered.

  • Target the right people

    When you want to narrow your contact list to find people in a specific industry or people you haven't touched base with in 6 months, Daylite makes it easy to find. Build customized lists that auto-update so you can stay top of mind and send personalized reach outs.

Portrait of Gina Best

“Daylite has allowed us to increase our volume of business while still maintaining the high level of service our customers have come to expect.”

Close More Deals


As you build relationships and opportunities emerge, tracking deals gets messy – especially when it takes weeks, months, or years to close. Lose sight of these deals and you're leaving business on the table. Daylite Sales helps you and your team stay on top of every deal from start to close no matter how many you have in the pipeline.

Daylite's Opportunity pipeline report on a MacBook and pipeline progress view on iPhone
  • Push deals forward

    The more deals you have on the go and the larger your team grows, the harder it is to stay on top of the status of deals and what needs to be done to push each one forward. Daylite gives you an overview of where each deal is and what needs to happen next. Spend less time in status update meetings and more time closing deals.

  • Focus on the right deals

    Bringing in new business is an art of balancing your attention on the largest deals and the ones most likely to close. Daylite helps you prioritize your deals so you can focus on the right ones at the right time.

  • Report on sales

    Know what's working and what's not so you can make informed decisions to increase your revenue. Daylite gives you visibility on your close rates, win/loss reasons, and top lead sources so you have the data to make better decisions and grow your business.

Execute More Projects


Daylite Projects helps you and your team collaborate more and execute client projects without worrying about things slipping through the cracks. Manage up to 5 times more projects with your current team.

Daylite app's Project pipeline view in dark mode on a MacBook
  • More projects. Less stress.

    Say goodbye to the stress and chaos of trying to figure out what's been done on each project and what needs to be done next. Daylite gives you visibility on the status of each project and next steps so you're always on the ball.

  • Collaborate and share

    Help your team work better with less meetings and fewer interruptions. Share project details, next steps, meeting notes, and delegate tasks with Daylite so everyone is on the same page.

  • Automate next steps

    Reduce cognitive overload and save time with Daylite's project templates. Automate creating next steps for new projects and various scenarios so you don't have to worry about steps getting missed.

Portrait of Jeremy Picker

“Daylite ramped up our capacity. It took us from being able to manage 50 projects to 250 projects with a similar staff size.”


Manage Your Entire Business

With all the benefits of CRM, Sales, and Projects, Daylite Business allows you to spend less time managing clients, deals and projects, so you have more freedom to do what you love.

Daylite's Team view on a MacBook
  • CRM

    Keep track of all the important details and interactions about your clients in one place, so you can spend less time managing your client list and spend more time building stronger relationships with them.

  • Sales

    Stay on top of every deal and streamline your sales process efficiently in one place, so you can spend less time managing your sales opportunities and spend more time closing your deals.

  • Projects

    Stay on top of all the crucial details and organize all the moving pieces of your projects in one place, so you can spend less time managing your projects and spend more time completing your deliverables.

Portrait of Josh Nelson

“We've seen amazing growth and Daylite has been a pivotal part of that success by allowing us to really ramp up our capacity and keep track of everything. It's definitely a program that grows with us as we do.”


Great for a Variety of Industries

Daylite is flexible and easily customizable. You can tailor it to fit your niche and set up workflows that help you improve efficiency in a way that works best for you.

Made for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Daylite works seamlessly with many of the built-in Apple apps and features you already know and love.

Daylite Mail Assistant on a MacBook, Contact Activity view on iPhone, and Calendar view on iPad

Apple Mail Integration

Clear out your inbox and stay on top of next steps. Save emails to clients, appointments, and tasks so you have a full history of conversations in one place. Plus you can create tasks in Daylite right from Apple Mail.

Apple Calendar

View your personal appointments in your Apple Calendar right in Daylite and vice versa.

Siri on iPhone & iPad

Add Reminders to your iPhone or iPad hands-free while you’re on the go, and have them sync to Daylite.

FaceTime & Caller ID

Start FaceTime calls right from Daylite and use CallerID by setting up Apple Contacts sharing.

FaceID & TouchID

Keep your business data private by enabling FaceID, TouchID, and Passcode protection on iPhone and iPad.

Pages, Numbers & Keynote

Create contracts, reports, and other documents by pulling data from Daylite into Pages, Numbers, and Keynote (and of course, Microsoft Word and Excel).

Work Offline

Slow internet or no internet? No problem! Unlike other CRMs and Project Management apps that need a web browser, Daylite is a real Mac and iOS app. Access your data anywhere, anytime in a flash.

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While Daylite is intuitive and faster to onboard than most CRMs and Project Management tools, learning a new system takes time and can feel overwhelming. We're here to help you get set up for success with both free and paid services for starting small or going big.

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Daylite helps me to refocus on what I need to be doing right now. It helps me to focus on the activities that will grow revenue as opposed to being very busy doing a lot of things but not making the progress that I want. Daylite gives me the big picture and helps me refocus on what I need to be doing.

You’ve built your business this far. Regain control of your business.

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