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Organize all the details and keep track of next steps for clients and projects with Daylite – a Mac CRM for small businesses. More reliable than your memory; more affordable than Salesforce or HubSpot.

For Mac, iPhone & iPad

Manage clients & follow-ups

Keep track of all your communication and details in one place. Every call note, meeting note, and follow-up is all in Daylite. Make every client feel special by remembering even the tiniest of details.

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Execute on your plans

Trying to juggle all the moving pieces in a project? Daylite helps you keep it all straight so nothing slips through the cracks. Keep track of all the communication, details, and next steps so things run smoother.

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Close more deals

Trying to keep track of all the deals you have in motion? Daylite streamlines the process so you know exactly what's in the pipeline and what needs to be done next. Keep track of all the communication and details for each and every deal.

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Daylite features at a glance

  • Apple Mail Integration
  • Apple Contact & Calendar Integration
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Calendar & Reminders
  • List Management
  • Email Templates
  • Deal Pipelines
  • Project Management
  • Files & Documents

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Connect with your fave apps

Get Daylite talking to other tools you use like Apple Mail, MailChimp, Slack, Zoom, QuickBooks and more.

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"Daylite has made running my business more straightforward. Now the team is working together, and because of Daylite we look like rockstar geniuses.”

95% of customers say the biggest benefit of Daylite is improved organization and productivity for their small business.

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