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Trust is the number one factor in building relationships, and to build trust with your prospects and clients, you must be reliable, organized, and follow through with the commitments you make. Daylite has what it takes to keep your client relationships moving forward. Keep track of communication while better managing your leads, clients, and vendors, all in one place.

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Remember Every Detail

With Daylite’s Mac-friendly design and ease of use, everything you and your team need to know about your clients is at your fingertips, on one screen. Better still, on any Mac or iOS device, with or without an internet connection, your team can add and access email history, call-notes, reminders, follow-ups, contracts and much more with ease. This ability to share information and view it at-a-glance helps you and your team minimize downtime while maximizing efficiency and profit.

Impress Your Clients

More often than not, it’s remembering the smallest details about your clients that go the longest way in impressing them. Show your clients you care by thanking them for a referral, sending them a peanut-free dark chocolate treat on their birthday, or remembering to ask how their puppy “Toba” is doing the next time you chat. Daylite remembers these details for you, so you can focus on the bigger things while building stronger, more personal relationships with all your clients.

Smartly Segment Clients

You and your team want to stay top of mind with past clients by sending out updates or personal check-ins. But, which clients should you reach out to? With Daylite, you can classify your contacts using keywords, categories, and other criteria, then filter them to find exactly who you’re looking for. Save these filters as “Smart Lists” and you have dynamic lists that update automatically when contacts match the criteria.

Manage Email with Ease

Daylite integrates seamlessly with your inbox, whether you’re on your Mac or your iPhone or iPad. Save email conversations, add new contacts, schedule meetings, and create follow-up reminders, all from your email. Plus, you can share email communication with your team so everyone is in the loop.

  • Create a Complete History

    When you or your team save an email in Daylite, it’s linked to the associated contact, deal, or project. This gives the entire team the ability to find and see that communication directly in Daylite, regardless of which team member received and saved the email.

  • Action Your Emails

    Process an email by creating a follow-up reminder, to-do, or appointment right from the message, then clear the email from your inbox. The email is automatically saved in Daylite and linked to the new item, making it easy to find later. You can even delegate the email to someone else using a task.

  • Add & Update Contacts

    Daylite makes it easy to edit client details, update contact information, create new leads, or even create new deals and projects right from your inbox. If you save an email from a new contact, Daylite will create a new contact record for you.

Send Personalized Emails

As your client list grows, personalization can become challenging, but also more important. By showing a deeper understanding of who your clients are, you and your team can build loyalty. With Daylite, it’s easy to create customized email templates for onboarding, renewals, new offers, and more. Daylite makes it even faster to send personalized emails to a single contact or a segmented group all at once.

Streamline Your Workflow

As you and your team close more deals and grow your business, it can become a challenge to juggle the onboarding process for multiple clients at once. Daylite solves this problem by allowing you to create checklists of to-dos or follow-ups that can be added to a client with a single click.

Organize Client Data With Forms

Client intake forms are easily lost, easily forgotten, and easily ignored. Daylite improves the process by helping you and your team systemize all the information you collect from a client in one centralized location. With Daylite, everything is easily accessible across your teams and ensures you’re collecting the right data from the start.

Control Access & Permissions

When it comes to building stronger relationships and trust with clients, you and your team need complete control. With Daylite, you can easily control which team members can view, edit, and add specific client information.