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What Makes Daylite Different

Your Ultimate Apple
Small Business Companion

Discover the secret to efficiently managing your day-to-day activities, customer interactions, deals, and projects, all within a single, comprehensive platform.

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Small Businesses Do Big Things

You inspire us! The passion you show to entrepreneurship, personalized customer service and your community drive us to create tools that make it easier for small businesses like yours to deliver value to your clients.

Daylite exists to help you achieve your vision.

How We Help You Thrive

Apple to The Core

Daylite is exclusively for Mac, iPhone and iPad—not a Web app—and works seamlessly across your familiar Apple ecosystem of apps and devices.

Intuitive, reliable and secure, Apple devices offer small businesses more productivity with less hassle and deliver superior value. Learn why Mac means business.

Simplify the Client Lifecycle

You need to focus on your business, not juggling various apps. Daylite consolidates multiple tools—CRM, Sales and Project Management—into a single easy-to-use and highly customizable platform that supports every stage of your client work.

Genuine Client Connections

Daylite is designed to help you forge stronger bonds with clients.

Easy-to-use tools for tracking correspondence, running effective sales processes, and managing projects with professional efficiency that all give you more time to focus on deeper, more personal customer relationships.

Real People Ready to Help

We prioritize human connection over algorithms with you too! We minimize automation in communications and make ourselves accessible to get you the personalized help you need.

Experience it for yourself: book time with our team to chat about how Daylite fits your business.

Here for The Little Guys

We tailor all our efforts to supporting the small businesses, independent professionals, creative contractors and freelancers ignored by enterprise-level CRM systems. SMB is all we do!

Daylite empowers you with the flexible tools to compete in a world where corporate giants just keep getting bigger.

Our Story

Why We Created Daylite

We know how tough it can be running a small business.

We used to own a technology consulting company. And like most small businesses, we worked hard—and sometimes failed—at keeping track of the professional relationships and commitments that drove our success. Trying to both code and nurture new business at the same time stretched us too thin. Things tended to slip through the cracks.

We needed to streamline our work process, and find some solution that would help us get organized and thrive. But when we looked for software that would work on our Mac operating systems, we came up empty.

So like most software developers, we decided to build that tool ourselves!

As it turned out, many other small businesses needed just the same thing. During a trip to MacWorld in 2002, an Apple employee encouraged us to sell our tool.

And that's how Daylite was born.

Now, more than 20 years later, we remain more committed than ever to empower small organizations to dream big—by helping you simply get better doing what you do.

Daylite shown on an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook

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Work With Ease

Are you running just to stay in place?

You have a lot to look after when you manage a business. Daylite helps you get it all done more efficiently, by simplifying what it takes to stay on top of clients, emails, appointments, deals, projects and more.

  • Delivering your services
  • Leading and collaborating
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Nurturing the passion for what you do
  • Meeting your personal obligations and dreams

The Daylite Team provide personalized guidance to help you achieve success.

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