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CRM, Sales Management, and Project Management are critical to every business - Daylite will make them effortless. Our flexible pricing plans are designed for your business’s unique needs.


Keep track of all the important details and interactions about your clients in one place, so you can spend less time managing your client list and spend more time building stronger relationships with them.

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  • Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Daylite Mail Assistant
  • Daylite Calendar
  • List Segmentation
  • Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps
  • 2-way syncing with Apple Contacts and Apple Calendar apps
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Upgrade to fit your business's needs

  • 1 user included
    /month per pack of 3 additional users
  • 3 months of visible history included
    Additional history upgrades available as needed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Daylite work on Windows or Android?

Daylite is a native macOS and iOS app, and is not compatible with Windows or Android devices.

How do visible history upgrades work?

We understand that each business is unique, and that’s why our flexible pricing plan is designed to fit what you need and how you operate. Each plan starts with 3 months of visible history for your account. History older than 3 months can be made visible by upgrading your plan to a longer period of history. You can upgrade to show 1 year, 3 years, or all of your history. Once upgraded, everyone in your account will be able to see the same period of history.

What types of businesses work well with Daylite?

The Daylite app is designed for Apple-based small businesses in services-based industries such as real estate, legal, financial, agencies, consulting, and coaching, to name a few.

Companies that sell services often have different needs than those selling products, and Daylite provides the tools to help those small businesses do so successfully.

If a business is predominately selling physical products, such as in a retail environment, Daylite is not the right solution.