We Are Marketcircle

We’re a team of creative problem-solvers committed to driving change one step at a time. Our mission? To empower small business. As a small business ourselves, we’re motivated to help you achieve peace of mind and control over the chaos that comes with running a business.

Our Core Values


We leverage, challenge, and rely on each other to reach our goals together.


We're creative problem solvers. We work within constraints to attack problems with inspiring ideas.


We treat people like real people. We're understanding, flexible, and we build trust with each other and our customers.


To continually improve, we must be focused on learning and applying what we learn.


We take the initiative to drive the change we want to see. We trust in each other's skills to execute.

Executive Team

A family man and deep thinker that loves to build things.

Alykhan Jetha


Joined: 1BMC

Family. Software. Travel. Cooking. Fitness.

Michael Clark


Joined: 1999

I make things. Software. Coffee. Beer. Whiskey. Net-zero. Ex falso quotlibet.

Mark Pavlidis

VP of Software

Joined: 2019

Positive vibes distributor, family first, mental health and fitness promoter, music collector and a relationship builder who is always looking to change the way the game is played.

Amir Karmali

Director, Partner Relations

Joined: 2020

Business Operations

I am unable to quit, as I am currently too legit.

Megan Roininen

Operations Manager

Joined: 2016

Lover of dogs, coffee, glitter, and sequins. Dislikes capital letters, but falls in line and uses them anyways.

Jacqueline Dawe

Partner Coordinator

Joined: 2021

Loves family, traveling, cooking, and bingeing Netflix. I've seen unicorns.

Jasmine Jabbar

Executive Assistant

Joined: 2021

I married a woman who had more Star Wars toys than I did. I love Fan Expos, Comic-Cons, and all things nerdy or geeky. Our kids never stood a chance.

Matthew Clooney

Technical Writer

Joined: 2021

Customer Service

Voted Best Laugh in high school. Studied yoga in the Himalayas. Traveled and lived on 4 continents. And I wear matching socks.

Gillian S

Customer Service Manager

Joined: 2020

Notorious fun haver.

Christian Calizon

Customer Advocate Rep

Joined: 2021

I see the world through my camera lens.

Julia S

Customer Service Rep

Joined: 2018

The traveller, the baker, and the cat cuddler maker.

Roxy Luciw

Customer Service Rep

Joined: 2020

Customer Success

Part time Astronaut and Shredded Cheese expert. Keeps it casual.

JD McKenzie

Customer Success Manager

Joined: 2012

Mama bear at home & at work. Sarcasm, laughter & kindness are her key traits.

Aprile Petralito

Customer Success Specialist

Joined: 2005

Leaf fan first, sports fanatic second. A true child at heart.

James Spencer

Customer Success Specialist

Joined: 2007

Family man, Leaf fan, tech junkie. Never going to grow up.

Matthew Newman

Customer Success Data Analyst

Joined: 2015


Aspires to expand her horizons to travelling to new places.

Carolyn Vitale

Sales Team Manager

Joined: 2011

Music curator and bubble tea connoisseur.

Michael Bernardo

Sales Coordinator

Joined: 2021


Bug hunter, frequent coffee consumer, and avid documentary watcher.

Aaron Baldeo

QA Specialist

Joined: 2009

Trading aficionado, ice cream enthusiast, and long-suffering Raptors fan.

Abu Subedar

Software Developer

Joined: 2015

Loves to take pictures & enjoys being on a computer.

Adam Tharani

Software Developer

Joined: 2015

Big fan of the Oxford comma.

Charles Joseph

Software Developer Manager

Joined: 2021

Has a love–hate relationship with coffee.

Eric V

Software Developer

Joined: 2016

Used a Mac since before it was cool. Designated cake cutter. Not too old for Lego.

Fraser Kuyvenhoven

Designer & Software Developer

Joined: 2008

My favourite novel reading of the last two years was The Silmarillion.

Jesse Masci


Joined: 2015

Prolific disassembler of things and maker of a few.

Jordan Valadas

Software Developer

Joined: 2010

Likes food but is not a foodie. Enjoys games and the outdoors.

Kerry Toonen

Software Developer

Joined: 2016

Cupcake connoisseur and narwhal wrangler. Cupcakes are NOT just muffins with fancy hats.

Oscar Perez

Software Developer

Joined: 2007

Software errors are afraid of me.

Preston R

QA Specialist

Joined: 2011

A prince wanted me to have his inheritance. I told him to instead donate it to a worthy cause. He told his friends and now I keep getting emails of that nature.

Sean Mendonca

QA Manager

Joined: 2007

Husband. Dad. LEGO collector since 1982.

Sebastien Boisvert

Software Developer

Joined: 2007

Jumped from 4000ft. Would do it again.

Steve B

Software Developer

Joined: 2019

I enjoy live music, volleyball, rock climbing, biking, coffee, and exploring Toronto.

Tom McNeely

Software Developer

Joined: 2021


A dog lover and Toronto’s biggest sports fan!

Tucky Wong

Sr. Marketing Manager

Joined: 2020

Music lover and book enthusiast. Ask me anything about RuPaul's Drag Race.

Thanny Schmitz

Content Marketing Coordinator

Joined: 2021

Technical Support

A Sega Dreamcast fanboy who also has a love for old school hip hop.

Matthew Ives

Technical Support Manager

Joined: 2005

Cocktail enthusiast determined to keep the vibe alive. I also love Twinkies.

Gannon Lewis

Technical Support Rep

Joined: 2021

Loves learning new languages.

Irene Chiu

Technical Support Rep

Joined: 2010

I am the king of awkward.

Joshua Stevens

Technical Support Rep

Joined: 2019

When I was a kid, my biggest fear was He Who Must Not Be Named.

Mehreen Basit

Technical Support Rep

Joined: 2021

Love playing games, be it a board game or an outdoor one.

Preeti Dudhediya

Technical Support Rep

Joined: 2007

Motto in life: Quando Omini Flunkus Mortitati (when all else fails, play dead).

Ray Bourcier

Technical Support Rep

Joined: 2013