Customize Daylite with our API

Build integrations to automate workflows, add new abilities to Daylite for Mac OS, or create custom reports to leverage important data stored in Daylite. The sky is the limit for what you can do with Daylite to fit your specific needs or the business needs of your clients.

Save precious time by automating workflows using the Daylite Cloud web-based API by integrating with other web services. For example, automate storing web form data from services such as Wufoo in Daylite. The possibilities are endless on the services that can be integrated with Daylite. For detailed information about the API, please visit our Developer Hub.

An easy platform for building integrations with Daylite is Zapier. Learn more about examples of services that can be integrated with Daylite on our Zapier page.

Daylite Client SDK

Add new user interface elements to Daylite for Mac OS with the client SDK to create custom features. Plugins have access to all the local data stored on the client and can show this data in new ways which allow it to be better leveraged for specific needs. Data entry can be optimized for a specific use case, or different views can be created which show disparate data from Daylite together.

For more information, please visit our Client SDK Page

Daylite Reports SDK

Create custom reports to leverage data in Daylite using the Daylite reports SDK. The reports SDK also has an interactive mode, which allows the reports to be built so that they support the concept of drill down. This allows access to more detailed data from high level data points.

For more information, please visit our Reports SDK Page