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A Home for Mac-Savvy Realtors

Daylite captures all client communication, listing appointments, and customer insights in one place, so you can sell more properties and collaborate better with your team.

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Capture Leads from Your Inbox

Daylite integrates seamlessly with Apple Mail, allowing you to take action from emails right from your inbox. Instead of drowning in emails all day, you and your team can capture all email communication, create tasks, set up appointments, and link all items related to your clients in Daylite.

Daylite Mail Assistant automatically scans the email addresses in the “To” and “Cc” fields. If the person is a potential buyer or seller and there is no prior correspondence, you can add the person to Daylite, save their email, and create a new opportunity with just a few clicks. Everything is linked together, so you have the full history in one place.

Remember Every Client’s Details

Daylite is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that enables you to remember every little detail about your clients. Make your buyers feel special by sending them a peanut-free dark chocolate treat on their birthday, or build trust with your sellers by remembering to ask how their puppy “Toba” is doing the next time you check in with them. You can even capture your referrals, which opens the door to repeat business and more referrals. Daylite makes it easy to remember everything by keeping track of emails, notes, calls, and next steps in one place.

Stay On Top of Your Team’s Listings

Daylite’s built-in calendar allows you to view your entire team's listings schedule in one place. Set reminders for follow-ups and schedule meetings and tasks so everyone stays in the loop and is always on top of their listings appointments. You can set appointments to “public” or “private” so team members can only have access to the information they need. You can even create a “Smart List Calendar” to remember your clients’ birthdays and anniversaries by displaying them on the calendar, so you can send out personalized birthday mailers and stay top of mind.

Move Your Property Sales Forward

Throughout the buying or selling process, you can apply a pipeline to track your realtors' progression and define stages to ensure your team will follow the correct steps for every property. Visually track the status of your deals across the whole team so you know where every deal is and where they are getting stuck. With Daylite, you and your team can sell more properties and increase revenue!

Build Stronger Relationships

A big part of real estate is establishing and maintaining relationships with leads and clients. Inviting potential buyers to view open houses or scheduling personal check-ins with sellers is easy with Daylite. You can classify your contacts using keywords, categories, and other criteria, then filter them to find exactly who you’re looking for. Save these filters as “Smart Lists”, and you have dynamic lists that automatically update when contacts match the criteria. You can then send email campaigns with custom email templates to one or multiple contacts at a time.

Your Key to a Successful Real Estate Business

“We can check on progress from anywhere we are on whatever device (MacBooks, iPads, or iPhones) we happen to be using. When we receive a call about a specific property, it is pivotal we all have accurate and the most up-to-date information.”

Breanne Martin Gaudard | Realtor® | Team Ed Martin RE/MAX First

Made with Small Businesses in Mind

Daylite Mail Assistant

Store emails, capture new leads, and create follow-up reminders right from your inbox.

Linking Capability

Linking is the glue that holds all of your clients’ information together, giving you full context of a client’s history.

Daylite Calendar

Set reminders for follow-ups and schedule meetings & calls. View your entire team's schedule in one place.

Smart Lists

Build customized contact lists that auto-update so you can send personalized reach-outs and stay top of mind.

Project Management

Use projects to execute open houses, staging, and internal marketing campaigns.

Work Offline

We got you - even if you don't have an internet connection at an open house or development site, you’ll still have access to your data.