The Award-Winning CRM App for Mac-Savvy Law Firms

Daylite organizes all your client communication, filing deadlines, court dates, case activities, and documents in one place, so you can run your legal firm with ease. With access to all your important information, even offline, you can manage more clients, win more cases, and collaborate better with your team.

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Acquire New Clients With Confidence

Daylite’s Opportunities Board allows you to oversee your entire sales pipeline. Visually track the status and stage of each opportunity across your entire team, so you can prioritize the most important or valuable ones and avoid any opportunities from staying outdated in a growing list. Quick filters and powerful sorting give you different perspectives to ensure you and your team are moving opportunities forward.

Manage Your Inbox with Ease

Daylite integrates seamlessly with Apple Mail, allowing you to capture all your email communication and documents right from your inbox. Instead of drowning in emails all day, you and your team can take action by creating and delegating tasks, setting up meetings, and creating opportunities or projects. Everything is linked to their associated clients and cases in Daylite, so you have a full history in one place.

“Specifically, because it’s a Mac-native program, it integrates incredibly well with Apple Mail. I don’t have to be worried about having access to my email as long as I have access to my Daylite database, whether it’s on my iPhone, iPad or the MacBook I use when I travel. I can very easily look up a case history or see what tasks I have in relation to it, as well as all past communications.”

Michael D.J. Eisenberg | Attorney and Counselor at Law

Track the Status of Your Legal Matters

Once you take on a case, you can create a project and customize pipelines to track the progression of each case and the steps involved. You can then delegate tasks to your team and share this information with your firm, so everyone knows what has been completed and what needs to be done next. Link documents and any forms with preliminary information about your clients. Daylite helps you organize all the moving parts, so you can use your time wisely and focus on what matters.

Keep Track of Every Client and Every Interaction

Daylite tracks everyone with whom your law firm interacts, whether clients, companies, outside counsel, witnesses or vendors, and gives you a clear view of their connected matters, documents, and transactions. Daylite helps you and your team stay on top of every interaction - from emails and calls to notes and in-person meetings. You can easily look up a case history to see what upcoming tasks you and your team have and the full history of past communications, even offline. Daylite helps your law firm organize and practice more efficiently, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Make Your Day Manageable

Daylite’s built-in calendar allows you to view your entire law firm’s schedule and easily schedule meetings. You can even set reminders for filing deadlines and categorize appointments to differentiate between court dates, personal appointments and meetings. Include details about trial dates and share them with team members so everyone stays in the loop.

An Award-Winning CRM for Case-Winning Law Firms

“As we’ve grown from 3 to 10 employees over the last few years, Daylite has allowed us to easily scale and work across three parallel businesses.”

Victor Medina | President & Founder
Palante Wealth Advisors, Medina Law Group, Certified Elder Law Attorney™

Made with Small Businesses in Mind

Daylite Mail Assistant

Capture client emails, assign tasks, create new projects, or link to existing cases right from your Inbox.

Opportunities Board

Visually track the status of opportunities so you can prioritize the most urgent or valuable ones from your always-growing new clients list.

Daylite Calendar

Stay on top of deadlines and court dates. Set follow-up reminders, schedule client meetings, and view your entire team's schedule, all in one place.

Linking Capability

Linking is the glue that holds all of your clients’ information together, giving you full context of a client’s history.

Work Offline

We got you – even if you don't have an internet connection in the courtroom, you’ll still have access to all your cases and documents.

Project Management

Use projects to keep track of your cases' progress at every stage and support your team in executing each step of the process.