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by iOSXpert

Stop wasting time going back and forth trying to schedule appointments with leads and clients. Share your real-time availability so anyone can quickly book appointments with you hassle-free!

Book more calls

Book clients hassle-free

Share your calendar online with your real-time availability. Any appointment your clients and leads book will appear in your calendar automatically!

Simple rescheduling

Let your leads and clients reschedule or cancel appointments on their own - no more back and forth trying to schedule a new appointment or rearranging your schedule.

Send automatic reminders

Automatically send appointment reminder emails to your leads and clients. No more time wasted sending manual reminders or missing attendees that forgot about your appointment.

How Acuity Scheduling can help your CRM game

Acuity Scheduling makes it quick and easy for leads and clients to book calls with you. This helps you streamline your sales process so there’s less back and forth trying to schedule appointments, giving you more time to focus on your clients and closing deals.

Daylite is a CRM that helps you manage your clients, leads, and projects in one place to simplify your business and help you save time. Using Acuity Scheduling and Daylite, you can pull leads that book a call on your website right into Daylite - have a history of all your calls, notes, and emails with a lead or client all in one place!

How Acuity Scheduling and Daylite can help your business:

  • Increase leads: Maximize your free consultation on your site and via email with instant booking options, helping you take on more leads.
  • Know the details: Create a custom intake form and request the information you need from your leads and clients. Qualify your leads and be prepared before you call even begins.
  • Save time: No more wasting time with back and forth emails or missed calls - automate the booking process for yourself and your leads and clients.
  • Never lose a call: Automatically send appointment reminders so you never have to worry about a forgetful lead or client missing the appointment.
  • Always follow up: Automatically have your appointments in your CRM so you can create action items right on the call and set reminders to follow up with your leads and clients so you never lose track.
  • Analytics: Analyze open and click rates of your Mailchimp campaigns in Daylite to identify lists of customers you want to follow-up with that have engaged with your emails.

Integrates with:

  • Daylite
  • Acuity Scheduling

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Getting Started:

To start integrating Daylite CRM and Acuity Scheduling, visit iOSXpert’s website and start a free 30-day trial of ProductivityTools.


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