Daylite OptionsCache Keys

Valid for 4.x. Updated on November 18, 2012.

Entity Identifier Qualifier Sorted By
ActionSet activeContactActionSets active=1 AND forContact=1 name
ActionSet activeOrganizationActionSets active=1 AND forOrganization=1 name
ActionSet activeProjectActionSets active=1 AND forProject=1 name
ActionSet activeOpportunityActionSets active=1 AND forOpportunity=1 name
ActionSet activeGroupActionSets active=1 AND forGroup=1 name
Category activeContactCategories forContact=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeTaskCategories forTask=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeProjectCategories forProject=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeOrganizationCategories forOrganization=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeGroupCategories forGroup=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeOpportunityCategories forOpportunity=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeTimeblockCategories forTimeblock=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeNoteCategories forNote=1 AND active=1 name
Category activeEmailCategories forEmail=1 AND active=1 name
Category categories name
CorrespondenceTemplate correspondenceTemplates name
CorrespondenceTemplate activeCorrespondenceTemplates active = 1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeContactCustomRecordSetDefinitions forContact=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeOrganizationCustomRecordSetDefinitions forOrganization=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeProjectCustomRecordSetDefinitions forProject=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeOpportunityCustomRecordSetDefinitions forOpportunity=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeGroupCustomRecordSetDefinitions forGroup=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeCustomRecordSetDefinitions active == 1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeTimeblockCustomRecordSetDefinitions forTimeblock=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeTaskCustomRecordSetDefinitions forTask=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeNoteCustomRecordSetDefinitions forNote=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition activeEmailCustomRecordSetDefinitions forEmail=1 AND active=1 name
CustomRecordSetDefinition customRecordSetDefinitions isCustom=0 name
ExtraFieldsNames contactExtraFieldsNames typeString='Contact'
ExtraFieldsNames organizationExtraFieldsNames typeString='Organization'
ExtraFieldsNames opportunityExtraFieldsNames typeString='Opportunity'
ExtraFieldsNames projectExtraFieldsNames typeString='Project'
ExtraFieldsNames groupExtraFieldsNames typeString='Group'
ExtraFieldsNames productServiceExtraFieldsNames typeString='ProductService'
FieldOption locations keyName='location' AND entityName = nil optionValue
FieldOption locations keyName == 'location' optionValue
IndustryType industryTypes name
IndustryType activeIndustryTypes active == 1 name
Keyword activeContactKeywords forContact=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeOrganizationKeywords forOrganization=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeOpportunityKeywords forOpportunity=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeProjectKeywords forProject=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword keywords name
Keyword activeTaskKeywords forTask=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeEmailKeywords forEmail=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeCustomRecordSetKeywords forCustomRecordSet=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeGroupKeywords forGroup=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeNoteKeywords forNote=1 AND active=1 name
Keyword activeTimeblockKeywords forTimeblock=1 AND active=1 name
Label activePhoneLabels typeCode=0 AND active=1 name
Label activeGeoAddressLabels typeCode=1 AND active=1 name
Label activeEmailLabels active == 1 AND typeCode == 2 name
Label activeURLLabels active == 1 AND typeCode == 3 name
Label activeIMLabels active == 1 AND typeCode == 4 name
OpportunityStateReason activeOpportunityStateReasons active == 1 name
OpportunityStateReason opportunityStateReasonForWonState active == 1 AND opportunityStateType = 1 name
OpportunityStateReason opportunityStateReasonForAbandonedState active == 1 AND opportunityStateType = 3 name
OpportunityStateReason opportunityStateReasonForSuspendedState active == 1 AND opportunityStateType = 2 name
OpportunityStateReason opportunityStateReasonForLostState active == 1 AND opportunityStateType = 4 name
OpportunityStateReason opportunityStateReasons name
OpportunityType opportunityTypes name
OpportunityType activeOpportunityTypes name
OrganizationType organizationTypes name
OrganizationType activeOrganizationTypes active == 1 name
PipelineDefinition activeProjectPipelineDefinitions active == 1 AND forProject == 1 name
PipelineDefinition activeOpportunityPipelineDefinitions active == 1 AND forOpportunity == 1
ProductService productsAndServices name
RegionType regionTypes name
RegionType activeRegionTypes active == 1 name
RelationshipType activeContactRelationshipTypes active == 1 AND forContact == 1 name
RelationshipType activeOrganizationRelationshipTypes active == 1 AND forOrganization == 1 name
Resource resources name
Resource activeResources isActive == 1 name
RoleType roleTypes name
RoleType activeContactOrganizationRoleTypes active == 1 AND appliesToTypeCode == 0 AND forContact == 1 AND forOrganization == 1 name
RoleType activeContactProjectRoleTypes active == 1 AND appliesToTypeCode == 0 AND forContact == 1 AND forProject == 1 name
RoleType activeContactOpportunityRoleTypes active == 1 AND appliesToTypeCode == 0 AND forContact == 1 AND forOpportunity == 1 name
RoleType activeOrganizationProjectRoleTypes active == 1 AND appliesToTypeCode == 1 AND forOrganization == 1 AND forProject == 1 name
RoleType activeOrganizationOpportunityRoleTypes active == 1 AND appliesToTypeCode == 1 AND forOrganization == 1 AND forOpportunity == 1 name
SourceList contactTouchSyncList typeCode = 23 AND assignedToID = <$currentUserID$> AND forEntityName = 'Contact'
SourceList organizationTouchSyncList typeCode = 23 AND assignedToID = <$currentUserID$> AND forEntityName = 'Organization'
SourceList taskWorklist typeCode = 6 AND assignedToID = <$currentUserID$> AND forEntityName = 'Task'