What You Need to Know About Daylite Mail Assistant on macOS Sonoma

Product Updates / September 15, 2023 / Tucky Wong

This blog post was created on Sept 15, 2023, and last updated on Feb 14, 2024.

macOS Sonoma, the current edition of the Mac operating system, introduced several exciting updates, including Widgets, improved video conferencing capabilities, and enhanced privacy and security features across Safari, Passwords, Messages, and Mail.

Notably, Apple Mail suffered a significant transformation with the discontinuation of external plug-in support, which was replaced by MailKit extensions, offering a more secure, stable, and isolated functionality, minimizing crash risks and security vulnerabilities. To adapt to this change, we have developed the Daylite Mail Assistant extension and are replacing the Legacy Daylite Mail Assistant.

Read on to learn more about this transition.

Changes to Daylite Mail Assistant extension

While extensions beat the legacy system for security, they are more restricted. As a result, we’ve had to make the following changes:

  • To restore and enhance your email workflow, we’ve updated the Daylite Mail Assistant to show a window that always stays open as you go through your email, making it easy to see related items in Daylite at a glance, and quickly link to other items in Daylite. 
  • The Daylite Mail Assistant window requires the Direct download version of Daylite.
  • The Daylite Mail Assistant window shows info for the selected message in the list, or the selected message in a thread, using the first message in a thread if no message is visibly selected.
  • Opening a message in a separate window by double-clicking it hides the Daylite Mail Assistant window, as it can only be used with the main Mail window.
  • Auto-add functionality has changed (and works similarly to the Legacy Daylite Mail Assistant Plug-in). A message must be selected and shown in the Daylite Mail Assistant window before it is auto-added, including each message in a thread. The previous Daylite Mail Assistant extension would auto-add all messages in a thread and show a banner indicating they were auto-added.
  • Meeting invites in emails are now detected and show buttons to accept or decline (as they did in the Legacy Daylite Mail Assistant Plug-in).
  • When replying or composing a new message, click the Daylite Icon in the toolbar to show the Daylite Mail Assistant pop-up.

Daylite Mail Assistant on macOS Sonoma

The legacy Daylite Mail Assistant plug-ins are unavailable on macOS Sonoma and have been replaced by the Daylite Mail Assistant extension.

To locate and activate the Daylite Mail Assistant window extension, follow these steps:

  • Download and install the latest version of Daylite
  • Turn on the Daylite Mail Assistant extension in Mail > Settings > Extensions.
  • The Daylite Mail Assistant window will appear with instructions for enabling the required permissions for Accessibility and Automation.
  • Use the Open Settings buttons and enable the required permissions in Settings.
  • The Daylite Mail Assistant window will now update with info for the selected message in Mail.

Continued Support and Enhancements

As we continue to support the Apple ecosystem, we are committed to working alongside Apple Mail to ensure easy access to all its features for Daylite customers. Our goal is to deliver a more productive and reliable email experience for Daylite Mail Assistant users. Stay tuned to our status page for important developments and updates on the Daylite Mail Assistant on macOS Sonoma.

We hope this blog post has provided you with crucial insights into the new Daylite Mail Assistant extension for macOS Sonoma. To take advantage of the enhanced DMA window and its features, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Daylite directly from our website. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated Support Team is here to help.

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