What You Need to Know About Daylite Mail Assistant on macOS Sonoma

Product Updates / September 15, 2023 / Tucky Wong

As a developer exclusively focused on the Apple platform, we are always excited about the upcoming macOS release. macOS Sonoma is the next edition of the Mac operating system coming in the fall, which will introduce several exciting updates, including Widgets, improved video conferencing capabilities, and enhanced privacy and security features across Safari, Passwords, Messages, and Mail.

Notably, Apple Mail will undergo a significant transformation with the discontinuation of external plug-in support, which will be replaced by MailKit extensions, offering a more secure, stable, and isolated functionality, minimizing crash risks and security vulnerabilities. To adapt to this change, we have developed the Daylite Mail Assistant extension and are replacing the Legacy Daylite Mail Assistant.

Let’s learn more about this transition.

Image shows the top right corner of an email in Apple Mail, showing the new Daylite Mail Assistant extension. In the background, the new macOS Sonoma official wallpaper. Title reads "Daylite Mail Assistant plus sign macOS 14 Sonoma"

Benefits of using Daylite Mail Assistant extension

One of the main reasons for Apple’s changeover from plug-ins to extensions is to enforce security measures and standards, ensuring that only safe and reliable applications can access users’ email data. By moving towards extensions, Apple can enable a more secure and controlled ecosystem by reducing the need for third-party plug-ins. Please note that iOS and iPadOS don’t currently support Mail extensions.

As an extension, the Daylite Mail Assistant offers the following benefits:

  • Seamless update experience as separate installation is no longer required, saving you valuable time.
  • Daylite Mail Assistant will also be available on the Mac App Store, which allows automatic download and installation of app updates and eliminates the need for manual updates of Daylite. If you depend on third-party plug-ins, you should continue to use the direct version of Daylite.
  • Reduced crash risks and security vulnerabilities give you a more secure way to access your mail. 

Changes to Daylite Mail Assistant extension

While extensions beat the legacy system regarding security and reliability, they are more restricted. As a result, we’ve had to make the following changes:

  • Daylite Mail Assistant will no longer be displayed as a side panel. A click at the top of the email is required to view the panel. See images below.
Screenshot of the Daylite Mail Assistant extension, which is no longer displayed as a sidebar, but as a tab with a button above the email.

Once you click the button, you can see the panel and take action from the email, as well as see which people, projects or opportunities that email is linked to. 

Screenshot of the Daylite Mail Assistant extension, which is no longer displayed as a sidebar, but as a tab with a button above the email.
  • Accepting or declining a meeting invitation from within the Daylite Mail Assistant is no longer available. However, you can take the attached ICS file within the email and open it within Daylite. Here are a few ways to do that:
    • Drag and drop the file straight from the email to Daylite.
    • Download the file locally and open it from within.
    • Set Daylite as the default app for .ics files, and then double-click the file.
  • Adding emails automatically is available on macOS Sonoma only.

Daylite Mail Assistant on macOS Sonoma

Attention: While Daylite and the Daylite Mail Assistant are compatible with macOS Sonoma, there is currently a known crash which may prevent you from using Apple Mail. Multiple developers have also reported this behaviour and have isolated it to Apple Mail.

We recommend waiting on upgrading to macOS Sonoma until Apple addresses and resolves this issue.

However, if you find it necessary to update to Sonoma despite this concern, temporarily turning off junk mail filtering within Mail might mitigate the risk of further crashes. Check out this page for a detailed step-by-step on how to turn off junk mail filtering, and stay tuned for updates from Apple.

The legacy Daylite Mail Assistant plug-ins will stop functioning on macOS Sonoma, and will be replaced by the Daylite Mail Assistant extension. If the changes outlined above interfere with your workflows, we recommend holding off on installing macOS Sonoma when it is released. As Apple Mail updates alongside macOS, additional extension functionalities could become available allowing for future improvements in Daylite Mail Assistant.

To locate and activate the Daylite Mail Assistant extension, follow these steps:

  • Open the Apple Mail application.
  • Go to “Mail” in the menu bar and select “Settings”.
  • In the Settings window, click on the “Extensions” tab. You can toggle each one on or off according to your needs.

Check out this Learn Article to know more about this extension and how it works.

Wrapping Up

Apple Mail extensions are designed to accommodate a wide range of user preferences and abilities, and can be powerful tools to upgrade your email experience. While this shift may require a slight adjustment for some users, it ultimately ensures a stable user experience and a more protected future for Apple Mail enthusiasts.

As we continue to support the Apple ecosystem, we look forward to working alongside Apple Mail to provide Daylite customers with easy access to all its features, and deliver a more productive and reliable email experience for Daylite Mail Assistant users. We believe that Apple’s enhanced security measures and standard enforcement for the Mail app outweigh any potential drawbacks and are the perfect opportunity to take your email productivity to new heights.

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