Save time with shortcuts

Quick Tips / October 4, 2013 / Kristie

Being a “Shortcut Sally” may not always be a compliment, depending on your industry. Often taking short cuts results in lower quality of work and even means more time wasted in the long run when you have to do things a second time to do them properly. Fortunately when it comes to Daylite, this is not the case! You can save time by creating shortcuts in Daylite to help you move through your workflow more smoothly.

When you have a busy day and you’re researching on your laptop or you’re on a call and need to quickly bring Daylite to the front, you can do so in a flash if you have a shortcut set up in Daylite.

To assign shortcuts go to your Daylite menu bar and select “Preferences”. Click “General” in the Personal row. Next to “Daylite search shortcut” type in the keys that you wish to use. In this case, I used “Shift+Command+D”. Now when I’m working in another program and want Daylite to come to the front I just have to hold these 3 keys and voila!

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 10.00.10 AM

Another helpful shortcut is adding tasks in Daylite. This is also done in the “General” pane under “Preferences” just above the Daylite search shortcut. It’s the Quick task entry shortcut. Now when you’re in Daylite or any other program and think of something you need to do, just type in the shortcut and Daylite will give you a pop-up window to add a new task.

This is extremely helpful when you’re going about your busy day and think of a task that you don’t want to forget about! You could be doing research on the web or checking your e-mail and  think of something that you need to do. Just type in the shortcut, add the task and continue working.

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