Saying Goodbye To Billings Pro Self-Serve FAQ

Implications of Staying on Self-Serve

How long will Billings Pro Self-Serve be supported?

We will be providing technical support for Billings Pro Self-Serve client on 10.13, Servers running 10.12 and iOS 11 until February 28, 2019.

What happens when new versions of iOS and Mac OS come out?

Every year when Apple releases a new version of iOS or Mac OS, there is always development work needed to make Billings Pro compatible. We will no longer be updating Billings Pro Self-Serve, so if you cannot move to Billing Pro Cloud, we recommend you avoid updating your iOS and Mac OS as we cannot guarantee they will be compatible.

What happens when I purchase a new Mac or iPhone/iPad after Apple's next OS update?

Billings Pro Self-Serve will not be compatible with Apple's next OS update. To use Billings Pro on a new Mac or iPhone/iPad after Apple's next OS update, you'll need to move to Cloud.

Will you still sell new Billings Pro Self-Serve licenses?

We will not be selling Billings Pro Self-Serve licenses for new databases. If you need to buy additional licenses for new team members while Billings Pro Self-Serve is still supported, please contact us.

Privacy/ Security

Have you considered privacy and security implications for customers?

Yes, privacy and security are high priorities for us and we are aware they are concerns for many customers. We take vast security measures to make sure your data is secure. The security precautions we take are far more advanced than those of most Self-Serve setups. While some customers feel their self-hosted database is more secure because they are a small company, this is not true.

If you have specific questions about security, you can contact us at

We understand privacy is also a concern. As a Canadian company, we are PIPEDA compliant.

If you have specific questions about privacy you can contact us at

Is Marketcircle PIPEDA compliant?


What about GDPR?

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) will take effect on May 25, 2018 and we understand that some of our clients have concerns about this law.

Marketcircle takes it privacy responsibilities very seriously and is committed to (i) building an internal culture of protection and security; and (ii) protecting and safeguarding your data in accordance with its Privacy Policy and applicable Canadian laws.

As a Canadian company that is governed by Canadian privacy laws, we feel that there is presently good alignment between these laws and the intent of the GDPR.

The Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), is Canada’s federal private sector law that applies to most Canadian organizations and governs how private sector organizations collect, use and disclose personal information in the course of commercial business. To date, the European Commission has found Canada to be among the countries providing adequate protection for EU citizens and businesses as specified here.

We are currently reviewing our processes and procedures regarding the GDPR and will provide you with a readiness update soon.

In the meantime, if you require a Data Processing Addendum or if you have any questions about our privacy practices, please email

Where Can I Get More Infomation About Billings Pro Cloud Security?

You can keep up to date with Billings Pro Cloud Security by checking out our Billings Pro Cloud Security Page.

Data Ownership

Once I move to Billings Pro Cloud am I locked in or can I get my data out?

You can export working slips as a text file or as a .TSV file which you can use to import into another timing and billing app.

Estimate, Invoices & statements can be saved locally to your Mac for safe keeping as PDFs.

Pricing/ Affordability

How much does Billings Pro Cloud cost?

For information about Billings Pro Cloud pricing, visit our pricing page.

I just bought a Billings Pro Self-Serve license. Is there any special pricing for moving to Billings Pro Cloud?

For information about Billings Pro Cloud pricing, visit our pricing page.

What happens if I stop paying for Billings Pro Cloud? Can I still access my data?

If you decide to no longer pay for Billing Pro, you can move to the Limited Free Plan and still access your Billings Pro Cloud data with limitations on how many invoices, estimates and statements you can create per month.

Do you offer a free plan for Billings Pro Cloud?

Yes. We have a free plan that you can use with there is a limit on how many invoices, estimates and statements you can create per month limited free plan.

Moving to Billings Pro Cloud

How do I Migrate to Billings Pro Cloud?

Visit How do I migrate from Billings Pro Self-Serve to Billings Pro Cloud?

Is there a trial period for Cloud if moving from Self-Serve?

There is no trial period when migrating to Billings Pro Cloud. The day your migration to Billings Pro Cloud is finsihed your payment cycle will begin.

About Billings Pro Cloud

Is Billings Pro Cloud a web app?

Billings Pro Cloud is not a web app. It is still the Mac, iPhone, and iPad app that lets you work mostly offline, with the convenience of syncing in the Cloud so you don't have to manage the server. To generate Invoices, Estimates and Statements, you do require an internet connection.

What happens with my old Billings Pro Self-Serve backups?

Your backups are still available and you would be able to restore to this backup in Billings Pro Server Admin, however any data added to Billings Pro Cloud after the backup was created would not be available in this backup.

What if I delete a Client, Project, or Slip on My Mac, how do I recover without a backup?

If you have accidentally deleted a Client, Project, or Slip in Billings Pro on your Mac and would like recover it, contact us immediately.

I have 2 different Self Serve databases that I toggle between. Will I be able to continue to have 2 separate databases in Billing Pro Cloud? Will I have to pay for both?

We strongly recommend you use only one database, however if you decide to use more than one database you would need to subscribe to both accounts. Databases cannot be merged, it is not easy to swap accounts on iOS.