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Stay on top of your leads & proposals

Leads are slipping through the cracks. With Daylite, every deal and quote is organized in one place so you can focus on pushing each one forward.

Keep track of communication

Too many details that you can't keep up with? With Daylite, you don't need a photographic memory to remember it all. Keep track of every email, call, note, and file all in one place.

Streamline your sales process

Businesses with streamlined sales processes close more deals faster. With Daylite, you'll never let a deal go stale because you'll know what needs to be done, by who and by when. Build customizable pipelines, so everyone follows the right steps.

Report on your sales

Keep track how many deals you have in the pipeline, your close rate, and where deals are getting stuck in the pipeline so you can keep improving your sales process.

Capture new deals anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you can capture new deals whenever they fall in your lap. With Daylite on your Mac, iPhone & iPad, you’re always prepared.

"We used to lose track of some prospects. If they were slow or lengthy sales processes they would disappear. Now we follow up on every one even if we don’t hear from them for a while."

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